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January- February Ramblings

Sometimes I think I don’t really DO much and these types of posts help to remind me that these kids are really blessed and have a great life..and hey so do I! 🙂 Here is our January and February recap.
In January our friend Jenny E. got married and Izzy and Elly were part of the flower girl entourage. I say that because there was a posse of them! I love our church weddings and every short sermon Pastor preaches during them, are so encouraging. Thank you to our friend Jessica who spent hours doing all the girls hair before the ceremony. They loved it!

 Here is the video of the wedding.

Joshua started going soulwinning with Joe and now he always wants to go. Each time he went with Joe and another friend from church, they got at least a couple people saved and Joe said he was so well behaved and never complained. I appreciate so much that Joe takes Josh “fishing.”
Some of Joe’s out of town friends that were here for the wedding. (Prov 27:17)
Elly’s new and favorite baby alive doll that she calls. “Little Lola” ha.

Faithful Word is so generous in setting up fun homeschool fieldtrips that are fun for the whole family. Here we are at a Candy Factory.

We spent a lot of time going to Maya’s Pizza and enjoying their NY Giant. Joe is wearing a medal that the kids said means Worlds Greatest Dad. They gave it to him when he came back from a work trip. Maya’s became the meet up for Dinner on nights he came back to town.

I’m very proud of Joe who worked very hard and saved money to buy our 2nd car, a car for himself that could still fit all of us as a back up. I am not used to driving anything but Big Bertha anymore. It’s a Honda Pilot but it feels so small to me and low to the ground. I have only driven it a couple of times but it was a nice feeling to sit in it and see the soulwinning seminar and an English and Spanish Bible. 

We took advantage of lots of rescued produce and shared with our neighbors.

This is the best time of year in Phoenix and we ate outside a lot!

Izzy turned the big 1-0! Part of the celebration was Makutos with friends.

We visited a section of a mall that turned into little Mexico.

Even if this doesn’t last long..this is the trifecta of nap time. Don’t move, breath or blink or the magic ends and they all wake up demanding snacks.

Baked more than usual.
We really liked art time. We love this channel on youtube.

The kids received lots of cool gifts from Family including these Spider Man backpacks.

We took friends to Maya’s Pizza place to celebrate some birthdays and anniversaries. This reminds me I forgot to take Pictures of Joe’s bday lunch at our house. I really am bad at taking pictures, especially if I am having fun. 

Makutos again!

The Baby enjoyed her first park swing.
Had a low key V-day 

Make up V-day play date and I think us moms had more fun than the kids!

Joshua came down one day and informed us he would be the teacher!

I let the big three stay up late with me one night on different nights. The girls and I played Clue and Joshua and I just drew and talked.
Enjoyed an epic visit with out of town friends..seriously all this we packed into 2 and a half days: Church, Cafe Rio, Sonoran Hot Dogs, Hole in the Rock hike, Glow in the dark golf, Downtown Gilbert, Organ Stop pizza, Lego movie at the Drive in, El Comedor Mexican, the park, scooptacular, and game night!! SO much fun!

This is to balance out the highlight reel..not everything is rosy. I got a bad eye ulcer and it was SUPER painful and uncomfortable. Thank God it healed very well in a few days with antibiotic drops.

More Nertz, all the time!

Sonics 1/2 price ice cream slushies with friends and a neighbor.

So many other things I didn’t take pictures of but good memories and bad memories like taking James inside of Michael’s craft store wrapped up in a blanket toga style because in a coughing fit he threw up his breakfast on himself. There were a lot of sick days in January but thanks to the Doterra on Guard pills, I never got sick! I highly recommend them!

Let’s see what March has in store! Here is my favorite sermon clip I chopped up to go with this month.


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