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Taking Children Soulwinning With You-

We love taking our children soulwinning. They enjoy it so much and it’s true any rejection they may witness they see as a cool story and don’t mind it one bit. I see so many teens and children soulwinning at our church and I see how it binds the youth to the church (vs. feeling lost when the youth group crowd disperses to college) and it’s not just their parents faith that they have been brought up in, you actually see their zeal for souls and their religion. It truly becomes their own and it only benefits the whole church and the community with more people knocking doors with the Gospel.

My kids still remember the lady that told us she has never sinned in her life, and the burn victim that had tears in her eyes as she called upon Jesus to save her, they remember so many experiences good and bad. They are so observant and do as we say more than we teach. This is a powerful way to mold their Christian lives.

Here is a clip I made from last Sunday Morning’s sermon on this topic.


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