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Sophie Turns One! Our family tradition.

My little baby turns one today but since dad is in Mexico, we celebrated it this past weekend. We have come a long way since our firstborn where we threw her a party at Chuck E Cheese. It dawned on us that not only did they not remember it or care but it really is for everybody else and not the actual baby. They could care less about a big to do and sometimes they are even overwhelmed by it. I am not knocking parents who throw big elaborate 1st bday parties because it IS a milestone and it IS special…but we have decided on our own tradition. The first bday is for the parents. 
We decide what we want to do and of course later birthdays they will  give more  input on what kind of birthday they like..but the very first one..the one where they barely know where their nose is…that birthday belongs to us. Still I think we were very generous for the whole family.
Dinner Friday night at Smashburger then the mall where we learned shopping for clothes and shoes with the whole family is NOT fun. I remember having fun shopping at the mall in my younger years but the diaper changes, frequent trips to the bathroom, and trying to find modest clothing and shoes that fit while kids play hide in seek in the racks, is NOT fun. 
Still I will remember fondly that blue cheese burger at Smashburger, it was SO good.
Saturday we checked out a new place Wazee World, a play place set up like area 51. We had no idea of the theme until we got there and there were aliens everywhere, a very interesting place to say the least.
Joe took the big kids to play laser tag and I took the little kids to play glow in the dark golf. Sophie enjoyed the crazy colors I think. Joe and I also engaged in a couple of aggressive air hockey games that sent the puck flying off the table several times. 

Sunday after church we went to Enchanted Island where everyone got a bracelet and got to ride all the rides and afterwards we tried Pizza at a new place that I really liked. If you are local to Phoenix, you can read my full review of it here.

Every now and then our hispanic-ness shows, like when we go out in public with the baby in her pajamas!
The only ride the baby could ride was the train around the whole park, happy birthday baby! She didn’t seem to mind at all.
Her siblings had a ton of fun though.

Just random cute Sophie pic-

On Monday we kept the party going and after some home projects we took the gang to our favorite ice cream place, Scooptacular!

But wait there’s more…Today on her actual birthday my very sweet friend invited us over for breakfast and we sang her happy birthday and she enjoyed a birthday cupcake.
I love this picture, my oldest and youngest 10 years apart.
I’d say for not having an official birthday party, this little baby made out pretty good!
Can’t see well but she is wearing a Birthday shirt Elly wore when she turned 2 or 3 years old I forget.
Thanks Marie for sending me this picture. This shirt has been work by Elly, Genny and now Sophie!

So there you have it, our 1st birthday tradition. 
Ana Sofia 1 year-
-She was born on National Women’s Day 
-She is still not walking yet
-She still has no teeth
-She has a lot of hair to make up for all that.
-She has been by far my easiest baby (I hope I didn’t jinx myself now)
-She scoots to hug anybody who is crying.
-I can’t imagine our family without her. She is such a little treasure.


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