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March 2017

Diving right into March happenings..
Our sweet friend Michelle got engaged and just like with her sister Jenny, we went wedding dress shopping together and had Pho for lunch. They got me hooked on this yummy soup!
We have been getting a lot of extra free food at food pantries and reporting all the info on our savings sistas facebook page. The kids favorite activity is setting up a table and little by little seeing all the food be taken from the table. 
Our friend’s super cute dog that my kids are totally in love with. Joe still will not come around to the idea of a dog for us, so I am so grateful and happy that they can get their fix with Pua when we visit 🙂
So much fun having friends over and making breakfast for our 14 kids combined, ha!
Little Sophie is just super adorable and sweet as always. She is still not walking even though she is one but getting closer. She also still has NO teeth!
One day Joe went shooting in the dessert with his friends, and I can’t believe I went to a restaurant by myself with the 6 kids. It’s always risky ha! They were great though and my whole meal cost less than $10 since all kids eat free.
Joshua still very much likes to spend most of the day in the kitchen. I am glad I get so much food from food banks so I let him play around with a lot. It’s fun to see what he creates and shares with his siblings.
Sophie loves this Taxi cart at Safeway.
The kids made a birthday snack and fort for James and sang him Happy Birthday. I just stood back and loves how sweet they were with each other. I really hope they stay close growing up.
Izzy still really loves to draw and spends a lot of time doing that and frequently leaving me notes everywhere.
The kids took the red stools and Christmas lights and made their own China Town.
Enjoying the outside!
I wanted to remember this special meal I shared with Sophie..
Then somebody photo bombed it 🙂
Found a new library and really enjoy it. The girls are taking Coding classes and Elly has her piano lessons there. They also have a cool park adjacent. 
I love seeing how sweet Josh is with his baby sister. He really adores her and every morning comes to my room to play with her until I fully wake up.
Enjoying the cooler temps before it gets super hot. We also found a second bike trailer at a garage sale for $5!!! The other day Joe and I and all the kids rode to the closest shopping center. It feels good to get some real exercise. 
Enjoying lunch after church at the Foster’s house.
Still my favorite time of the day, Bible time. 
That’s our month in review. We celebrated 2 birthdays like I posted about before. We have so much to look forward to in the month of April. Joe got a new job so no more traveling and we have the church camping trip which is something we really look forward too. I hope you are having a good spring too!


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