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Faithful Word Church Camping Trip 2017

 We had a great time at this year’s camping trip. It is really special to not only get away from it all but to hear great preaching twice a day and be surrounded only by like minded believers and your best friends..well it doesn’t get better than that. I love the feel of my kids friends comfortable coming in and out of our cabin, sharing food, an just playing outside all day…it really reminded me of growing up and living near family in Mexico. Since it was just our group at the campsite I was more than comfortable leaving it unlocked all day and probably the most stressful thing those days were that my kids didn’t get hurt in the stream, but they did really great.

Picture my Friend Katie took.

The first day we got settled, Joe went off with the guys for a little bit and then at night after the preaching I got to walk down to the main hangout spot with the large crowd,and play a fun game of Trivia, Pastor had created. After that and S’mores, some of the ladies an I played Nertz..freezing fingers edition lol It was a little chilly compared to Phoenix lol Oh I will so miss those nights with a fire in our cabin, now that it’s hot hot hot here in the valley.

The second day we heard a great sermon in the morning and then the guys went out shooting. When they returned we all headed over to a lake with the families. After dinner we got to hear another great sermon, this time from Pastor Jimenez, which is a great treat since I really enjoy his preaching online. I stayed out by the main fire for a little bit with some of the kids while Joe was back at the cabin with the sleeping baby. I got back early and we played card games ourselves with the kids tucked in upstairs with a nice fire downstairs. It was so cozy, I really think I could live like that permanently but I say that and my husband laughs..I think he knows me better than myself.

The next day I stayed back at the cabin with the little ones who were developing that bad hacking cough that I was told before was allergies, but I wasn’t sure so just Joe went ahead to the morning service with the big kids. After that we packed up and ready to head back to Phoenix. We stopped at our now favorite pizza place and then headed home. The return was bitter sweet but at least we got to enjoy hearing Pastor Jimenez preach another great sermon at FWBC that Wed night.

I’m grateful that FWBC is so generous and always making everything free. We just had to bring our food and pay for gas of course, they really go above and beyond for their church members and we appreciate it. They don’t have to do things like this and I can imagine it’s a lot of work. The priceless part though is just being with friends. I can’t wait for the preaching conference this summer!!


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