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It never gets old!

No matter if it’s baby #1 or baby #6, there is something so magical about watching them take their first steps and seeing them realize what they can do.  That look on their face just gets me every time. This was taken a couple weeks ago and now we have a full on walker..still a little wobbly but it’s clear her crawling days are over.

This baby has always been on her on timeline. She was the record longest to break out a tooth and walk, both in the same week. Sophie is special to me. It’s not that I have favorites, each kid truly is awesome in their own way and I have favorite things about each of them but obviously love them all the same. Sophie is just different in that I feel like we really went through a hard trial together. I had my stroke when I was about 7 weeks pregnant with her and it was a bumpy ride.  I wonder if all the anguish and fear and the whole gamut of emotions I went through, affected her time and development in the womb in any way.  She has been though, the most sweetest, happiest, truly easiest baby I have ever had.

It’s hard to imagine our family without her being in it. With each baby you think, of could I have NOT had you?

Sometimes the days are long and hard with 6 kids. Sometimes morning comes too early and if I don’t get up before them, I am surrounded by faces staring at me, kids cuddling up to me and being noisy enough to wake up the baby.  I used to, this is not the ideal way to wake up.

Then one morning as I send them downstairs to make their own quick breakfast while I pulled myself together. I pulled the covers over my head, desperately wanting 5 more minutes, and tried to imagine a morning where no kids would wake me up and I could sleep as long as I wanted. I pictured it being with me and Joe much older and all the kids married and out of the house. I pictured waking up with just my internal clock and looking around to realize no one else was home. No little voices, no snuggeling, no baby smiling to see me first thing, no one saying, “Good Morning MOM!” just silence….and then I cried like a baby to be honest. How depressed that made me.

These are the best days of my life, demanding as they can be and I fully intend to enjoy them.


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2 thoughts on “It never gets old!

  1. She is beyond adorable!!!! Forget about the kids leaving the house, I get emotional just thinking about if and when the baby we have now, will be the last baby we are blessed with! I can’t even imagine my life not having a baby to carry around!


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