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Genesis Turns 5!!

Ahh were does the time go? We asked Genny what she wanted to do for her birthday and her request were..AZ Air Time, Dinner at Raising Canes and then picking out a toy at Target. DONE!

Jumping on the tranpolines, this is such a fun place.


I can’t believe out of all the places to eat, she picked Raising Canes..but hey I LOVE that Texas toast!

Going to Target we told her she could pick whatever she wanted..gulp we did not except she would pick out a $50 dog! We tried so hard to persuade her without breaking our promise. We scoured the clearance section and litterally made a mountain of toys that we told her she could have vs. the ONE toy dog (puppy alive).  Well she ended up with the puppy alive and one other toy from the clearance pile so that backfired. If you know my husband, you can imagine the show he was putting on for all the parents in that section. Genesis is a strong little girl and would not budge…she is our little princess for sure.


Sometimes I get a little teary thinking of my littles growing up, I just stare at them and soak in how cute they are. But then I look at my older kids and I really really enjoy the conversations we have, how Elly beat me at chess finally after weeks of trying, and how helpful they are to me…every age is the best age!


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