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Let US….

There is so much I want to catch up on, but that’s the problem. In wanting to wait until I can put together a longer post on something, it gets pushed further and further behind. So I am just going to start with today and going forward just writing a little blurb every say. Here a little, there a little, blog post upon blog post…is surely better than giant gaps.

I make my children write an essay each and every day because I believe writing is so important. I should practice what I preach.

One new idea I started in our school hours is to print out a chapter of the Bible in bigger print and put it in a clip board. Every day the older girls know at some point they need to read it and sign their initials so I know they did it. Besides our daily Bible Time (We use the One Year Bible), Joe is starting a “Dad Bible Story Time” each Thursday morning where he will read and go over every Bible story in order in the Bible. I asked and there will be no flannel-graph, arts and crafts or anything cutsey. Just reading the story and him explaining it. I think it’s a great idea..even if he rejected my craft idea :p  So since he is starting in Genesis 1, I chose on Monday to make Genesis 1 the reading.

My kids do a lot of independent work and after a couple of hours my role with the little ones is over and I am free but this particular day I felt kind of tired and told Elly to sit on the couch with me and read me Genesis 1. She is a good reader but still  at her age  big words can be challenging or other random words with special rules so as much as I can I listen to her read. When we got to “ And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…” She stopped looked at me and said , “Mom, this verse is one of those big deal verses right now!”  I had to laugh, you bet! I tell you what these kids are going to be SO FIRM on the Trinity doctrine. It has been a big topic of conversation in our house.  (If you are confused or have questions about the Trinity this is a great place to start.

Oh Elly, she always makes me laugh. A couple or a few weeks ago we got a chess set and I taught her how to play. I showed no mercy and beat her every time. She got really upset almost to tears but I told her it would just make it that much better when she finally did beat me. I always say the sweet is not as sweet without the sour. Well yesterday she finally beat me and she was quite excited and going wild. In my defense I was playing while making dinner ha! Pretty much every day someone will set it up at the kitchen bar area and play with me back and forth while I fix dinner.

As soon as their school work is done, they run to play until lunch time. They play during nap time. They are pretty obsessed right now.


Sometimes I can tell when a kid needs a little more of my attention.  I noticed it with Joshua and told him to secretly wait up for me. Once the kids were all asleep I snuck downstairs with him and played some board games. I enjoy these times where the house is totally quiet and I just can hear them pour their little heart out and all their funny jokes. It’s always a little sad when I say the time is over and time to go to bed but I am trying to be better with one on one time, having Joe working local now has improved so much the quality of our lives.

Speaking of, next week we celebrate 10 years of being married, 10!

We’ve come a loooooong way baby! ha.

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