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When we bought this house, we knew it had some pros and some ugly cons. The previous owner painted everything dessert brown..even the ceilings. The floors are a dark stained concrete. Suffice to say..the house feels very dark  and I don’t like it. As soon as I come downstairs I open every single window and let light in. There are a lot of things though that I do love about this house so paint is not the biggest deal. It’s a great neighborhood, and I don’t ever want to move.  So little by little my husband’s labor of love is on his days off fixing it up. He started by painting all the ceilings downstairs and has now moved on to the walls downstairs. Still up is all of upstairs that is also painted brown, even the ceilings. He also has a pallet of new flooring in the garage that will be installed this winter. The walls are called “Modern Beige” which is more like a light Grey and the ceiling is white. The floor will be a greyish wood color. The flooring promises to be wet proof, pet proof, kid proof, ha! I can’t wait!



The pictures are kind of dark, and this was just the first coat. Joe had to do a second to get over that beige and now it looks great. God bless him for working on this on his days off. Now that Red Door has to GO!

For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it? Luke 14:28


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