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Weekend is Over

Joe’s new schedule threw me off for a while, he is off Thurs, Fri and Sat and every other Wed. He works 12 hour shifts so he leaves at 4.30am and gets home at 7pm since it is an hour away. So that meant all kinds of adjustments for us since I was used to putting the kids to bed at 7pm..not eating dinner at that time. So our weekends end Sat night.

This weekend I felt was productive. We painted, made a couple of videos (for Phx Family Savings and for the Spanish Tutorial videos ……boy videos a lot more work than you may think!).  I also got to have what I think was my first ladies night this year where I left the house with zero kids. I spent it eating Taco Bell in a hospital room with my sweet friend who has been there a few weeks already. On the way home I got to belt out hymns so loud without any judgement from spouse or kids- ha! If you ever saw I Love Lucy and Lucy’s singing..I’m worst than that. We also then had a violent stomach bug sweep through 3/6 kids…never a dull moment.

We also did *finally* try out this Grimaldis pizza  everybody raves is the BEST pizza ever.



The verdict….eh- don’t kill me. It was good…just didn’t live up to the hype. I still think the best pizza is at 414 in Tempe.


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