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I Gave Myself a Hair Cut

Yesterday on a whim I decided to just go ahead and cut my hair. I’ve seen some Youtube videos and I figure it’s just hair. It will grow back if I mess it up too bad. ha! But I actually really LOVED how it turned out!

Step 1- Gather all your hair into a ponytail on the top of your forehead…totally serious.


2. Get your cheap scissors from China you got on the Wish App for $2!



3. Just cut the ponytail where you would like. Realize that cutting it this way will create layers. After that you want to split your hair in 4 sections and bring them under your face to make sure the ends are even and look good.

20170813_153459 (1)


4. Dry and Style as usual..for me that means towel dry and running a blowdyer for 3 min.


Then I decided to break the curling iron out and try to figure out how to do my make up once and for all that compliments my very oily, red, big pored, face….success!



Have you ever tried to cut your own hair? After this I did the same thing to Izzy’s hair.


Christian, Homeschooling, Mother of 6 with way too many ideas.

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