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What a day

Today I woke up not feeling so great. But I headed straight to the sewing machine to make another swimsuit. I needed to make 4 yesterday but only made 1 because filming how to do one took a lot longer than I thought. For some reason I got it in my head I would finish all 3 today and celebrate by going to our local splash pad for a pizza dinner.

Well an issue came up that I had to be on the phone a-lot! With 6 kids and dealing with customer service agents in other countries..tensions were running high. What is it about mom being on the phone that the whole house has to melt down. I made Elly’s after my machine jammed a few times and I made a rookie mistake that meant picking it apart and re-doing a step.  Then when I made Izzy’s I forgot how Amazonian tall she is for 10 years old and it was way too short on her. I will need to just make her another one, which is fine. Elly now has two. I didn’t get to do the baby’s but I said enough let’s go have fun.

Mind you, I never had coffee all day or had anything to eat because of course I have a cavity that went from annoying sporadic pain to “I can’t chew a thing” pain overnight. So I am barely functioning at this point.(My appointment is this Thursday when my husband is off so I don’t have to go with 6 kids in tow)

We finally get to the park after making the long trek from the parking lot only to discover the splash pad was off. I called the number on the sign and the lady says to give it 15 minutes to re-set then call back. Nothing happens. I call back and they were now closed. ARG

So we ate pizza on the grass and tried not to think about how hot it was and I took some pictures before we made the disappointing trek back to the van. To make it up to the kids I stopped at Sonic for “real fruit” pineapple slushies. Strange, it made my tooth feel better even though just air makes it throb. I parked the car and just drank my slushie while I scrolled on facebook and the kids enjoyed theirs. I knew the moment that car rolled up on my driveway it was going to be non- stop until all their angelic selves were asleep….so I enjoyed that slushie with all of them belted to seats…and I scrolled. 🙂

Thankfully my husband came home with some of the best bbq from a place in Chandler, sad that I could only chew a little of it. We both ate and asked eachother if we actually knew what happened in Charlotte? We both don’t keep up with the news and had no idea. We finally looked it up, saw a couple minutes and turned it off. It’s way better to live in your own local bubble.


Some days are just like that. That’s the real story behind these pictures.

Elly kept telling me I was the best mom ever. I think she felt bad seeing me sew all day and really did her best to keep the house clean and keep the little kids entertained playing games with them. When we were at Walmart last week she picked out a water bottle from the clearance section she loved the picture and hand lettering on it and asked if it could be hers. I said yes but I told her what the bottle actually said, “World’s Best Mom.” She gave an emberrased little smile and said it was ok, she said she only wished that it said World’s Best Mom and Dad because she has both.

I’m so incredibly blessed with these kids.

Here is the video tutorial we made-


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