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Day in the Life- Saturday Edition

Me- Today…

3:00am wake up because I fell asleep without cleaning up the house the night before and Joe painted so it was really messy. I have this thing where I HAVE TO wake up to a clean and tidy house every morning. So I got up and swept, did the dishes, tidied up, put things away then blogged our anniversary pics.

5:00am Baby wakes up, I go back to get her back asleep and end up dozing off myself.

6:30am wake up and take a shower and get ready for the day.

7:00am Make a simple breakfast for family, hard boiled eggs, toast and smoothies (that ended up tasting not so good and no one drank them- too much Kale).

7:30am Packaged up a ton of packages that sold within the last 12 hours. Since it’s Saturday and I couldn’t schedule a pick up until Monday, I decided to drop off at the post office.


8:30am Leave for the Post Office with Joshua. Drop off all the packages and pick up the coupon inserts someone left inside- score!

9:00ish  Arrive at the Goodwill Clearance to scope out some new inventory and buy clothes for my kids. I scored great!! I couldn’t believe I found Lularoe there (1.49$ a lb only!) I filmed a little video of the haul for a post later. It was SUPER busy and chaotic as always..reminder to self- next time bring gloves. I kept saying in my head, “Don’t touch your face, don’t touch your face” as I kept scratching it. I know one of the things I bought would easily sell for the amount of everything I spent in that trip and other things will sell so I was a happy camper.

11:00am FINALLY have some coffee. I pretty much fast every day until lunch time but I at least have some coffee first but I forgot to have some earlier. Stopped at Dunkin to have my favorite Butter Pecan Coffee and now feel energized.

11:15am Stop at CVS to use said coupons from earlier to buy a foundation I wanted to try. My skin is crazy lately and I wanted to see if it was really that great for breakout, oily skin like the youtubers say.

11:30am Go grocery shopping at Safeway for a special lunch and dinner I wanted to make Joe and some things for the week.

12:15pm Arrive home finally and unload everything. Open up all the mail and saw that this came in, squeak! I love it!! My two favorite verses. Check out her page HERE>


12:45pm Serve the kids an easy lunch of sandwiches and pretzel sticks and fruit. Start the beans for dinner in the instapot.

1:15pm Get to work on the grownup lunch. I made Chinese Chicken Salad that Joe really likes with a complicated dressing and fried wonton strips that really is good.

1:45pm Sit down to eat lunch..I think this was the first and last time I sat down that day.

2:00pm Clean up kitchen lunch mess, take out beans and cook them on the stove with remainder ingredients (tried to copy Cafe Rio recipe).  Start the beef in the instapot for the shredded beef tacos for dinner (another copy cat recipe from Cafe Rio). Start the Rice in the rice cooker.

2:20pm Go upstairs and snuggle with baby and get her happy before I start ironing like crazy, the mountain that has accumulated. Somewhere along the line of never ironing I crossed over to wanting to iron everything.

3:30pm FINALLY finished ironing and putting all the clothes away with all the kids and switched more laundry from washer to dryer. Check on beef, add more ingredients and more time.

3:45pm Take another shower because this is Phoenix and it’s 105 and I’ve been running around like crazy and that “Big Stink Essential Oil Roller Ball” AIN’T cutting it like I thought it would.

4:00pm Get ready for soulwinning as fast as possible.

4:15pm Show Joe how to assemble the dinner I left ready.

4:20pm Drive the 20 min to the Soulwinning location and feeling pretty tired. I play what I call my “Get Psyched Mix” and get energized and ready to preach the Gospel. I practically know every word to that short sermon that keeps me encouraged to live a separated life, it is my #1 favorite.

4:45-5:00pm Meet up with the Team and then drive to the neighborhood we are going to. A trailer park, yay! After soulwinning in one of the riches neighborhoods I ever saw in Sacramento..I was so ready for a more humble area!

5:15ish- Start knocking doors. I give the Gospel in Spanish to 3 guys who were drinking on the porch but I thought still able to engage with me and did get what I was saying and 2 out of 3 agreed but no one wanted to get saved. The next door the lady gave the wrong answer for salvation and didn’t want to hear what I had to say but thanked me for talking to the men next door. She said she had been trying to invite them to church and they wouldn’t listen to her because she was their neighbor. It was odd, she didn’t want to hear it from me but was genuinely thanking me that I gave them the Gospel.

At one house we opened the gate to knock on the door and out came a little dog after us, we ran back and closed the gate and that dog buried under the gate and got out and still chased us. Dogs are the enemies of soulwinners for sure.

My soulwinning partner starts giving the Gospel to a man and some teens were blasting music in a car nearby, very distracting. I did what a silent partner should do and ran over to give them the Gospel so they had to turn down the music. They hear about 5 min before their mom came out and said they had to leave. Tried to give her the Gospel but only gave me time for one verse.

Finally my partner got a middle school girl saved (her grandma ger her permission to talk to her). Praise God, she got saved! It was obvious she seemed to have just gone through some traumatic event and I’m SO glad she got this assurance.

6:30pm We call it a night so we can go home and take care of our families. The guys soulwinning at this time stay a lot longer.

7:00pm I arrive home pretty beat. I see Joe and the kids cleaning up, so grateful for that! I take the baby upstairs and James and get them both dressed and ready to bed. Plead with the other kids to just go to bed and take showers and baths in the morning before church. It takes a while but I finally get the baby down to sleep.

8:30pm Last laundry switcharoo. Started a load of whites and put the things from the dryer away…laundry…always..lots…of laundry.

9:00pm Everyone is happy and settled upstairs. Joe goes to bed early because he wakes up at 4am on Sundays to work until 6pm. It’s not ideal but hopefully just temporary until he can get Sundays off. At least he is not traveling and can make it to church for the evening service. I go downstairs to have dinner. I eat a HUGE plate and a piece of cake sitting on the couch watching my youtube video subscriptions.

9:30pm Clean up the rest of the food that was still out, do the dishes and one last tidy up.

10:00pm Sit down to write this…and now I’m crashing!

Remember when weekends used to relazing? HA! We had a fun day yesterday so it all balances out.


Christian, Homeschooling, Mother of 6 with way too many ideas.

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