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Obligatory Eclipse Post

If you know me well you know I am one of those persons that esteemeth every day a like. I would be happy never to have the pressure to celebrate another holiday or birthday. I am not a pinterest mom as much as I’d like to be. The same sentiment translates to special sky days..meteor showers..or in this case..the eclipse of the century or something. I didn’t make the cereal box viewing thing or looked for special glasses. In fact I forgot all about it until I wondered why it was so dark and cool in the middle of the morning and looked on fb (where I get all my news admittedly!)

I tried to just use my phone to take a picture to show my kids and probably messed up my camera in the process. Somethings not right with these pictures.

random 412

random 440
There’s an eclipse in my tree!

They were more interested in drawing with chalk while it was cooler.

random 449

I let them watch it live on youtube which worked out because I was on a mad woman cleaning and organizing mission of the entire downstairs. Everything got moved around and cleaned so it was a nice distraction while it lasted. While everyone was making their kids “Special Eclipse Lunches” I made my kids what I call a “deconstructed lunch.” They think it’s fun, like a lunchables. I also gave fruit and chips on the side so no worries- they had plenty of food but I was dishing it out quick to finish cleaning.

random 455

I moved my desk to the living room where the wi-fi is MUCH better. I had to. I LOVE that is right above my desk. It reminds me to keep it going.
new 001

I also made a letterboard myself and while it is very wonky, it works and I like to write motivating messages or something funny about what is going on at the moment.

new 002



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