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Whatcha’ Reading?

I like that our Pastor encourages us to read books outside of the Bible, to keep learning new skills. Right now I am on a photography kick and while I know I can learn a lot from youtube videos..there is just something about books for me.

With videos I find it hard to focus. I always want to multi task which means I won’t pay much attention or get much out of it. Unless I force myself to just sit there and watch which is hard. When I listen to sermons I am always doing something else. However, when I am reading it forces me to tune everything else out and focus on the words on the paper and absorb them. I am a pretty fast reader but sometimes I wish I could just “download” the book into my mind when there is so much I want to read and so many people to take care of. Still I carve my time painfully here and there. I like that though when my kids see me reading a lot, they also read a lot. The house gets quieter and overall it’s a more peaceful atmosphere.

We are on an energy savings plan were we turn the a/c off from 3pm-6pm to get a much cheaper overall rate. Without this plan in our two story house in Phoenix…the bill would crush us. It’s not so bad. Since we have a library half a mile from us, we spend many afternoons there. I grew up with a library across the street and we practically loved there so of course I love it. Our library has a little kids area with a play kitchen and lots or puzzles and other toys, so that keep Sophie busy. I can sit in a chair next to her and read while the other kids take their time picking out books for me to look over if I approve.

This is my reading list…ha yes one of these is not like the others I know. Before you give me a hard time, I did read 16 chapters of my Bible today before the day started.  Here is a sermon on why Scientology is evil.

aug 22 ebay 035


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