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These Are The Best Days of My Life

I don’t take it for granted how blessed I am. I know these are the best days of my life and I keep that in mind all the time. All my kids are safe, home with me and I get to spend their childhood with them. Today we started homeschooling officially again. We never really stop but we were waiting for some books and I was taking a break to get situated again. Josh and Genny started Life of Fred Apples. I wrote about it here.


The house little by little is taking on a new feeling and style. I love that the ways are decorated with scripture, an old KJV Bible leaf and these music sheets of a psalm we actually have been singing at church. The TV is not even plugged in and I like that there is not even the temptation to use the Netflix babysitter or get caught up myself in youtube videos. It’s been very peaceful. I ended up keeping that granny patch quilt blanket even though Joe says it doesn’t match but it makes me so happy! lol I will find  a home for it sooner or later. Hopefully this week we can paint the dinning area.


Here is the video I posted today for my ebay business. It is going really well. I have hopes of one day this really becoming more of a full time income/family business and can’t wait for the day I can pass off the task of taking pictures and listing items to the girls. We live in such a land of abundance, it truly is amazing.

I also posted for #modestmondays here. This shirt I found in the goodwill bins was brand new with the tags showing a crazy price from Steinmart. Things with tags sell for a lot more on ebay. However when I was doing the laundry (I wash everything I bring home of course) I forgot about this and ripped off the tag like all the other regular items with goodwill tags. I think I yelled, “Noooooooooo” for like 3 minutes. I have to list it as pre-owned I might as well wear it. So that’s the story behind that outfit.

Hope you have a great week!


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