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The Camera Drama and Payoff

The whole original camera purchase thing turned out to be the most craziest debacle. Heres what happened.

I ordered a Canon T3i- received a T6i by mistake.

Amazon says Keep it.

3rd Party seller says- Oh no, you better return it or else we come after you legally (this company was not so nice to say the least.) I try to be reasonable to pay the difference but they want an outrageous amount. The only way they will work with me is to schedule a Fed Ex pick up for me.

Amazon bad…we shouldn’t have told you to keep it. You have to return it.

Me- Come on..y’all both are messing with me. I already spent so much money on accessories for the T6i- and some things are not compatible with T3i…not to mention I am pretty strong on the gift illustration you don’t ask for it back LOL!

Amazon- Don’t worry we will find a way for you to keep the camera. Probably will pay the difference to the 3rd party. Will be in touch.

Me- Waiting confident in Amazon, buying more stuff for camera.

Amazon- Nope, sorry you have to return it after all, but here is a $100 credit.

Me-  imagesThat’s two times I was told keep it- then send it back.

Amazon says we will send you a new 6ti for the same money you paid for the 3Ti, then return the 3Ti.

I do, but when the additional amount was refund upon shipping, the customer service agent didn’t check off an important box and it triggered to stop my T6i purchase during shipping and returned it back to Amazon.

Me-a little mad at this point when I called back Amazon.

Amazon- made the weeks of back and forth drama right and sent me a brand new 6Ti for zero. I also got my money back for the original T3i purchase. Not only that but the new camera amazon sent  me, came with the 18-135 mm lens!


What an amazing happy ending thank God!! I am going to fully utilize this gift in any way I can to benefit my family and others.

One of best things I was able to purchase with my Ebay profits was a 50mm F1.8 lense.

Right now I am still teaching myself how to use it. I purchased the 50mm f1.4 to get that blury background look but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. The auto-focus was going crazy, I was thinking about returning it. I took so many shots of myself trying to get it and my daughter said, “Mom remember what Pastor Anderson said about taking so many selfies.” Ha! Ok so then I turned the camera on them. What helped me SO much was reading the reviews on the lens. A photographer wrote out what setting to use and I got it!

baby black and white

We had our own little photo shoot this morning. Some shots were good and some shots could qualify as Pinterest Photo Shoot fails ha!

The Good

The Bad

That amazon experience was a bit like the refiners fire- ha. But now I have an awesome payoff 🙂


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One thought on “The Camera Drama and Payoff

  1. Wow, what a crazy run around with the camera!! I’m glad everything worked out at the end after all. I love the pic of your baby girl! Good job getting that blurry background 🙂


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