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Catch Me Here, There, Everywhere

Finally started my Karen’s Kultures little side gig. I’ve already been selling Scobys on Craigslist but this is more official. Website HERE. Youtube channel and first ridiculous video below  Maybe one day I will post the bloopers of all the dozen of times my kids interrupt.

I also announced the details for the next book club meet. This might be my last one, I don’t know. I have to see if I can still balance it all and keep up with everything in the home and my aggressive Bible Reading Goals. I really do love this club though! This is out last Tuttle Twins book until they hopefully create some more!

tutorial 004

My ebay profits have been funding my photography hobby now. I never thought I would be so excited to buy just lights…

tutorial 007tutorial 011

I told my husband now we can shoot the rest our soulwinning series even at night after the kids are asleep. It sure is BRIGHT. Now I need to buy a diffuser 🙂 I am reading up and will share soon the books that have really helped me learn the basics. I like how my friend V, uses her gifted abilities behind the camera to bless people who get baptized at church with pictures of the experience. I hope I can find a way to incorporate being a blessing to others as well with this camera. Besides videos, right now I also use it to take more artsy eBay photos ha! kombucha 024.JPG

I do want to film some kid spanish classes. Are you sick of me yet? I am. I am afraid I will tire people out from seeing my face.

The great thing about having a lot of kids is that I will have a business venture for each one of them to take over as a teen to make some side money from home (if they want to). I can see it already who is more interested in what.

I hope you have a great weekend! More painting for us this weekend.



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3 thoughts on “Catch Me Here, There, Everywhere

  1. You’re become quite a pro in photography, Karen! Nice light you got there! And I just love a pic of you about the book club…gorgeous!


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