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All About The Books!

Obviously a huge part of the Robinson curriculum is the books, basically give children great literature and get out of the way. Although I have the CD’s and can print any book, I still prefer to buy the hard copies. I think Art Robinson had an idea but not to what magnitude information would be available 25 years after he put out his book list. While back then, perhaps many were limited to trying to find a title in their own little community, we now have literally the whole world at our hands.
However, I am sure I will run into books that are harder to find and more costly and then I will pull out my CD case. For now though, I find a book runs an average of $5 on the internet, maybe $10 if it’s rare. That’s if I don’t find a better deal in my local used books stores. So lets see..print a ton of pages (all that ink and paper) and the figure out a way to bind them nicely or pay $7 and free shipping online? We have it so good today in this aspect. 
This goes for math too! I started making flashcards out of index cards for all the math facts to memorize up to the 12’s and then found a boxed set on ebay for $5 and free shipping that contained adding, subtraction, multiplying and division up the 12’s…DONE!
Call me a weirdo but I like the smell of an old book.
 Let’s start with places to keep an eye out in your town.
-The Library…I scored this whole Tom Swift collection below for I believe less than $10!
-Used Christian bookstores- you might be surprised, that’s where I found my McGuffey Readers for cheap.
-Craigslist- Many Robinson families find great deals on older (the older the better) encyclopedias or children’s Book of Knowledge on Craigslist and can usually haggle a great deal. Here is one example.

Used bookstores- Bonus if they give you store credit for the books you are ready to donate.
Now let’s talk about some of the places where you can buy some of the books.
You could also just type in the name and hit the shopping tab and see what comes up, you never know!
Now let’s talk about FREE. Where can you access these wonderful books for free? On the lesson plans I have included all the links I know about and will try my best to keep looking. Here are some other places you can check out.
Free audio book versions as well-

Although it was never originally recommended, many families today prefer to upload the books to some sort of e-reader. Especially if you don’t have a lot of room for book storage, this has it’s advantages. Many of the titles in the Robinson book list are available for free on Kindle.

Besides books and a math book, you really only need basic supplies like pencils and notebooks..lots of notebooks! 
Although you may not think of drugstores as a good place to buy school supplies, you might be surprised. Right now every thing is on clearance from back to school shopping. I pick up several Sunday papers at the Dollar Store and save the coupon inserts. Today I cut out all the BIC stationary supplies coupons and went to Walmart and Walgreens. I actually got much better deals at Walgreens on highlighters, erasers, tabs etc….I’m talking cheeaapp, cheaper than dollar store and better quality stuff.
These fuzzy beautiful notebooks that came in many designs were marked down from 6.99 to I believe .50 cents!

Not a big fan of the paper folders, I find these much sturdier and they were .49 cents. These are perfect for printing out books and binding them. The pockets on the inside are the perfect place to put the vocabulary card and the pocket in the back is a great place to put the test for the book. I bought my 3 ring and 2 ring hole punchers on Thrifty Thursday at Goodwill and ready to go.

Do you have other places you find great books online or in your community? Leave a comment below and let us know! I used to do book swapping where you get a free book for every book you ship to someone but I have forgotten the name of that site. Happy reading!


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