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Ebay Shipping Tutorial & Top 5 Economical Supplies

You all know my favorite “Make a Buck” way is with selling on Ebay.  I have a video here for you where I show you the process domestic and international shipping a bit. Also I am listing below my top 5 bargain supplies in this business to make you stand out and operating smoothly without breaking the bank!


  1. Cute polymailers. I love receiving packages in these mailers so I started buying them myself to ship. There are endless designs and I think they help to make you stand out, but also make the whole shipping part a little bit more fun for us. Buying them on Amazon is definitely the way to go to get the best price.

new 002
Designer Poly Mailers 10×13 : Peacock, Nautical, Flamingo, Daisy, Pink Aloha; Printed Self Sealing Shipping Poly Envelopes Bag (40 Mix Variety Pack 1)

2. You absolutely NEED a scale to do this business. It is essential for listing. I only have a little kitchen scale still! I know I should upgrade but this has just worked so well for me up to now.
Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Elegant Black
new 001

3. Bread Bags- I used to use zip locks bags but that can get pricey! Bulk plastic bread bags is the way to go. I use these to store all the items and ship them in them, inside the polymailers for extra protection.
Bread Bags 6x3x15″ Gusset Style Poly Bags – Pack of 100 with 100 Free Bread Ties

new 003

4. FREE USPS Shipping Supplies. Of course I had to include these. While shipping Priority Mail is a bit more expensive, if you charge the buyer that price then it really isn’t a big concern. One advantage is that you can get Priority Mail Shipping supplies for FREE! You can order them right on the USPS website and the post office will deliver them to your door. I have ordered an array of these but by far I use the most, the padded flat rate envelope. It is perfect for clothing that is over 16 oz or more delicate items that need some padding. CLICK HERE.


5. Last but not least is this awesome Light Box I got pretty cheap off the wish app. You want to take pictures of your items in the daytime with lots of natural light. However sometimes the only time I can take pictures is at night after the kids have gone to bed. This little light box is perfect for photographing smaller items and you would never know I did it in a darker room. I got mine for only $5! Prices fluctuate a couple of dollars but still a great price. You can find one HERE.

download (1)

I hope this was helpful to you. What is your favorite ebay supply that you feel is a must have?

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