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FREE Curriculum: Everyday Number Stories-MATH

Everyday Number Stories

Here is a gem available for FREE online with accompanying lesson plans. You will enjoy this curriculum of 1915 if you:

-Prefer FREE to spending lots of money on consumable materials.

-Prefer to show children practical applications of mathematics in everyday life vs. just numbers on paper. (It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, time, measurement, and simple fractions.)

-Enjoy story telling books like Life of Fred and Grammar Land.

-Enjoy books filled with delightful nostalgic illustrations from a long ago, simpler America.

This book is only 136 pages long so it moves rather fast with practical, down-to-earth, and progressively more difficult arithmetic problems. There are plenty of review problems that can be re-done if needed. As far as manipulative, anything that you can count will work, buttons, beans etc!

This would be a great for any elementary math program for students in grades 2-5 but I have heard of students enjoying it as early as 6 years old, it will depend on your student.

Where to find the book for FREE online- There are various sources in different formats. Here are a couple but any google search will turn up others.

In PDF Format-



ARCHIVE.ORG- Here you can download in many formats including Kindle.

Now as far as Lesson Plans, another mother has put out these lessons for free doing all the work for you!


Let us know if you use this wonderful resource!

*If you prefer to buy the book vs. printing or viewing it online you can purchase the reprints by clicking on the book below.

*affiliate link


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