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FREE Curriculum- Grammar-Land by Nesbitt


Grammar-land by Shire by M.L. Nesbitt is a story-type introduction to the parts of speech covering:

Verbs (tense, number, person, and case)

I do not believe that grammar needs to be taught each year from first grade through high school.  Mr. Robinson recommends a more natural approach of absorbing it through their daily reading and writing every day (copy work, dictation, essays). This approach is effective by correcting the work focusing on one or two errors at a time. Occasionally though, a family would benefit from a more intensive study approach and that’s where this great resource comes into the picture.

If you love story telling curriculums like Life of Fred, or Everyday Numbers, then this will be right up your alley. Fun to read, easy to understand, and very simple to use, this is something you can read out loud to your whole family.  Your smaller children could just listen and maybe draw a picture about it, while the older children can complete the work pages  below.

Grammar-land is ruled by Judge Grammar (of course) who asks friends from “Schoolroom-Shire” to assist him in his work by writing out a list of twenty names of anything they can see, hear, taste, touch smell, or think about; or by setting verses right by substituting a few pronouns for nouns; or by crossing out words that belong to “Mr. Adjective,” for example.

The seventeen chapters can  be covered in one traditional school year by covering one chapter per week.

  • Even though most students will easily be able to read the book on their own, enjoy this one as a family read-aloud.
  • After reading the book, ask your child to narrate what was discussed.  This will help you make sure the information is understood, processed, and gives you an opportunity to answer any questions or errors.
  • Ask your child to follow the Judge’s instructions.  You’ll find great resources below.
  • Reinforce what was learned by dictating a sentence or two from your child’s literature or history titles that have examples of the subject being discussed in the Grammar-land lesson that he can highlight in some way.
  • Ask your child to write a sentence of his own incorporating something from the lesson.
  • Keep a grammar notebook, one page for each character encountered along with a description of his role.

Grammar-Land from

FREE Grammar-Land worksheets

Other Resources:

10 Ways to Use Notebooking: #5 Grammar & Spelling
Ideas and resources for creating a grammar notebook.

Grammar-Land Primary-Lined Notebooking Pages
One page for each chapter of the book.  Great for narrating each chapter and keeping a grammar notebook as mentioned above.

Grammar-Land Regular-Lined Notebooking Pages
One page for each chapter of the book.  Great for narrating each chapter and keeping a grammar notebook as mentioned above.

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