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How to Save Big with Little Money on Amazon!

Back in the day companies would give you for free or for pennies on the dollar, their products in exchange for an honest review on Amazon. This was great for us reviewers, but last year they made changes and Amazon no longer accepted these kind of reviews…however companies are still giving their products away for free or at a fraction of the cost and while you are no longer obligated to leave a review, they are hopeful you will on your own will. If you do, you do not have to disclose that you got the product for free or at a discount. If you do, it will be removed. There are many of these sites where you can snag these discount codes to use on Amazon. I am going to share with you my top 3 today to get you started. These are 3 sites that I have used myself for a while. In fact last year this was how I did ALL my Christmas shopping…maybe I spent $30 total for both sides of the family 🙂

1. Snagshout-

My favorite, no fuss no muss. You click what you like and instantly receive your discount code!-

I have saved close to $800 buying items through here. Anything and everything you can imagine is on this site. If you are looking for something look here FIRST.

2. Elite Deals-

Here in an invitation link for you to join. The sellers they work with give them a limited number of coupons to offer to the community. Some merchants can give away a lot of their products, while others cannot offer so many. For that reason, some products can sell out quickly, so you must be fast to grab coupons! The majority of the time, products are offered for multiple days in a row, sometimes weeks, so if you miss out on a coupon for a day or two, you will typically get multiple chances.

Different than snagshout, this one releases products 3 times a day. You definitely want to log on as soon as they go live to have a chance at the good stuff! Check the email they sent out early in the morning so you know exactly what to look for as soon they start.

3. JumpSend

Everyone is welcomed to come and sign up- you can do so HERE. The difference with this website is that you don’t get the code right away when you request it. You request it and then wait to see if you are approved. There are many other sites like this, but it seems  out of all of those sites, this is the most legit and gives you the most codes.

While doing this post, I jumped on there and saw this to give you an example.

Brellavi 10.5″ Banneton Proofing Basket Set with Cloth Liner & Dough Scraper

96% off so only $2!!
So give it a try to see what awesome items you can score for amazing prices. Do you use any of these websites? Comment below and let me know what you think!


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