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Make, Save, Stretch a Dollar #2 Video and 5 Tips.

In this video, I take you through a Saturday in our household implementing my motto- Make a Dollar, Save a Dollar, Stretch a Dollar.

Make- I show you a bit of what it actually looks like selling on ebay, including waking up early to find the time in a busy day to list- but the payoff translates to sales in that same day. Sales =instant money in my pay pal, yay!

Save- I take you to a local mobile food pantry that starts at 6am near me and what I got and how I try to share the abundance with others.

Stretch- I take you on a quick shopping trip and how I stretch our money, as well as how I try to buy clothing for my family for free in a way.  I also show you how we got a great deal on a nice piece of furniture.

I hope these videos are helpful to you, please let me know if they are and I will keep making more.

I want to leave you with today 5 tips to help you Make, Save, Stretch a Dollar as well.


1. Always use EBATES when shopping online. You can either buy something on Amazon, Ebay and Groupon and that be that, or you can buy the exact same thing on the exact same website, but through Ebates and get a percentage cash back. I like to download the browser extension so as soon I am on a website that qualifies for cash back, I am alerted and hit activate. Any purchases now, I will get a portion back. They also have exclusive deals that are great!

2. Use Raise to purchase discounted gift cards. People receive gift cards all the time to places that they are not interested in shopping at or just don’t need them. In turn they sell them at a percentage off. Right now you can also get an additional $5 off certain cards if you use the code ‘Laborday.’ This may not seem like much but then when you purchase your raise gift cards through EBATES as well, now you are getting an additional cash back on top of that. This is how you save a buck but you can also make a buck by selling your unwated gift card you have lying around.

3. Always check Offer up when purchasing large items. It’s amazing the price difference of buying something new at Ikea or World Market (a couple of my favorites) vs buying the same items slightly used on Offer Up. Don’t be afraid by offering a reasonable amount less as well if the price is not clicked firm. If you do this, it helps to mention you can pick up right away or that same day. Be patient! I wanted a vintage type desk, chalkboard and cute mannequin for the school room/office/ebay room and people wanted a pretty penny for them. More than this frugal girl was willing to spare. But I just kept checking offer up for a deal in my price range and I found it all this week! $25 for the desk, $15 for the chalboard and $30 for the mannequin.  I got all three for the average price people were listing for a desk alone but patience paid off. Thanks to offer up!

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4. Save on expensive treats- As I explained in the video above, do you like Kombucha and spending $4 a small bottle. Learn how to make your own and brew a Gallon for a couple of bucks. Youtube has videos on anything you can imagine, including learning how to culture your own food and drinks. This is a great thing to pass on to your children, is the skill of fermentation. Think about the things you like to indulge in and see if there is a way to save money on those treats, maybe it’s buying bulk on Amazon or for example at Alpine Valley bakery you can buy that Organic Dave’s Killer Bread for $1 a loaf.  Challenge yourself what consumable items are you spending the most on, and be creative on how you can save on them.

5. Check out Dollar Store/99cent store/Big Lots stores for great discounted items. Right now I have been hitting up Big Lots because they have amazing clearance deals. I always find good deals on organic food items but they also put decor items for less than a buck to two. I have even re-sold books from the Dollar Store on ebay for more! Sometimes you find some good sellers in the grown up book section. If you ever see limited edition or discontinued items at the Dollar store- check ebay how they are selling. You might be surprised! Often my local 99 cent store has great deals on organic produce as well, fun toys, even things like turquoise mason jars for $1 and rock bottom decent decorations. Things change often so check in every several weeks.

I hope this gives you some ideas, comment below what is your favorite way to make, save, stretch a buck!

8/29 - $5 Deal Day!

*This is not a sponsored post, but does contain affiliate links. Thank you for your support!


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