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My Favorite Homeschool Resources 1st Grade-5th Grade


If you are wondering why I say King James Only, view a free documentary about it here. Very educational for the family!

In addition to an on going chapter, I highly recommend this method we have used for year-A Bible Memory Box system. You and your family can memorize countless verses this way but more importantly retain them and not forget it!

Ray’s New Primary Arithmetic (K-2)



Optional video lessons below-

Ray’s Primary Arithmetic video lessons here.

Ron Paul Free Lessons on Ray’s Arithmetic

Khan AcademyArithmetic Math Video


Khan Academy-Skill level problem practice

IXL Math All Grades– More practice


Video Lessons to Learn How to Read-

 McGuffey’s Primer,

McGuffey’s First Reader, L-40

Nursery Tales,

Aesop’s Fables


You can find many of the books here to listen to

or download them from here and make CD’s for car rides.

Video Lessons that go well with the books-

McGuffey Reader Videos

Ron Paul Free video lessons to teach a child how to read with McGuffey

Helpful Resources-

Handwritting Worksheets

1958 Websters Dictionary

Worksheets Work

Worksheet Lab

Lined paper

Small lined paper

Print or Cursive Create your Own Pages

Cursive Alphabet

Alphabet Tracing

Make your own Crossword Puzzle

Create your Puzzles

Match-Up Worksheets

Flashcard creator

Easy Flashcards

Flashcard creator with Google Drive

Foreign Languages

Learn Hebrew (Exercise caution with this site)

Hebrew for KJV only

1-2-3 Teach me Spanish

Mango Languages- Free with Library Card


Typing Program


Art Lessons for All

How to draw video series

If you need more visual planning and tracking, I recommend these two sites.

Printable Planner Pages

Progress Report


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