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September Book Club Details

The Freedom Kids Book Club is back this month with another wonderful selection from the Tuttle Twins Series!

Please join us Friday September 22nd at the Mesa Dobson Ranch Library from 1:30pm-2:30pm. I will read the book choice out loud to the kids and have worksheets for them so please RSVP so I know how many to print. This is a FREE event open to the whole family.

The book we have chosen this month is “The Tuttle Twins and the Road to Surfdom.”


Nobel prize winning economist F.A. Hayek’s famous book The Road to Serfdom comes to life in this edition, showing that when people get what they wish for, they often get much more than they bargained. Read along as Ethan and Emily investigate a new road built to take travelers to a beach named Surfdom—and the disruption it brings to the entire community.

If you are not local to the Phoenix area, we would still love for you to be an online part of this book club and follow along with us. You can purchase your own copy HERE


Some of the great terms this book goes over is central planning, collectivism, eminent domain, individualism and unintended consequences. Kids of all ages and even adults can enjoy and take something away from this book.

This is truly a unique book club! No other club I know for children teaches Austrian Economics in such an easily digestible way. The very things warned by  F.A Hayek’s book written in the 1940’s, is easily recognizable today! It is important to teach the next generation the message of Liberty.

Additional Reading for Teens and Adults-

You can read for FREE online, the original book this kids book choice was based on. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PDF, but there are several places you can read this online for free if you do a search on it.

Road to Serfdom_Hayek

Comment below if you will read along with us and your thoughts on the subject of central planning!

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