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Teach Coding for FREE or CHEAP

I once made the unfortunate mistake of going to college for computer programming. I say unfortunate because I ended up with a ton of debt and not much else to show for it.  What I wish I would have realized then, I am teaching my children now. Learning how to code can be a FREE or nearly free goal with the countless resources available today, you just have to know where to look. I hope in this post I can guide you, if this is an interest in your family.

Learning a how to code, can open many doors. For example, imagine the possibilities of your teens earning some extra cash while working from home or even yourself?! Working on coding type freelance work can easily pay for college CLEP credits to start ahead and pay to finish with a University like Patten, an accredited school that offers an online degree in business for $350 a month. That is about $11 a day with no room, board, or travel costs. A student can graduate for under $12,000! This is a smart way to pay for it, if you must go to college.

So how am I teaching my children ages 8-10 right now? I picked this book for FREE as a reward for our last year’s summer reading program at our local library and I can’t recommend it enough. Even paying full price, it is VERY affordable.

Click HERE for affiliate link

Using the free software of Python, children start from lesson one learning the language and immediately getting an output. I remember the first time I told a computer to say, Hello Word, and it is just as special seeing the twinkle in my daughters eye when it she did it for the first time!




To supplement our leaning at home, I thought I would take her to some classes at the library as well. She loves it! There are countless resources online if you just google FREE CODING. Don’t forget to check out your local library where they sell old books for .50 cents. I found a Joomla book which is also free and open source. There were so many coding books that I cringed thinking about the hundreds I spent on new textbooks in college. There are better options!

My 8 year old struggled at first since her reading is not as strong as her sister but she got the hang of it.
My Daughter and a friend from church, both aged 10 and interested in coding.


If you are in the Phoenix area, here are some great FREE resources.

Coder Dojo as part of the Phoenix Public Library MACH classes. Check their calendar for dates and times HERE.

Here is another popular code club in Mesa. Please note there are other times and locations.

If you need more instruction at home this Python course is available on Groupon for only $9! It might go up later, but still a bargain compared to full cost. I just purchased this myself and can’t wait to start it with my daughters. There is an app I have had in mind that I think could be helpful to my church and like minded Christians, and I hope I still have it in me to learn. It seems though that younger children, like sponges just seem to absorb this new language.  This is such a great project to work on together.

Do you have other FREE coding resources? Please share them with us in the comments!


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