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Top 5 Money Making Apps

Who doesn’t like to make a little extra fun money? Better yet, who doesn’t want to make some fun money while doing stuff they have to do like go grocery shopping, stopping at the bank and going out to dinner when your ruined dinner? (Please don’t tell me I am the only one with occasional flops that are not edible.)

These are tested apps that I have used for a long time and can vouch that these are the real deal. These are not gimmicky apps where you get a chance to win something for spamming your Facebook wall. These are actual apps where you complete a task out there in the real world and get paid for it within a day or three.



Easy Shift shows you on a map all the available jobs near you. When you first start out you will only be able to reserve one at a time, then gradually you will work up to 10 or more. You get “promoted” to a higher job title as you successfully complete jobs and earn points. One of the great things about this app is that you have 24 hours to complete the tasks.

You get paid via PayPal after your shift is approved pretty quickly. Even with 6 kids I was able to make almost $800 until I stopped in June. If you are going to do a gig at a grocery store with children, I suggest not to take on anything with more than 50 pictures trust me. Gigs at smaller stores like Dollar General, Family Dollar might pay a little less but these are much faster to complete. My favorite were gas station jobs that you could do in a couple of minutes and there were several along many routes I had to take to go shopping. There is no minimum amount you need in order to cash out.

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Field agent is another tried and tested favorite of mine. Although I only made closer to $300 with this app but that’s because once you reserve a job you only have 2 hours to complete it. Unfortunatly a mom of 6 many times cannot just drop everything to take pictures at a grocery store, however once in a while the stars lined up and it was possible to do a job close to me when I was going there anyways or near it. I drive a gas guzling 15 passenger van so if it was more than a a couple miles it was out ofthe question unless I was already in that part of town doing something else.

The process is the same, you take pictures of something, somewhere and then able to cash out once the task is approved. They are pretty quick about it, sometimes the same day!

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This app has a lot of jobs and you can request as many as you like, but you then have to wait to be approved and have it assigned to you. This is one you definitely want to include your phone number because they will start to text message you with other job opportunities and typically offer to pay a little more if you are willing to go fairly quickly. One of the negatives with this app is you need at least $7.50 in order to cash out but that can be easily accrued in a job or two.

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In 13 store visits I made almost $100. Again, if you are already going to these stores, this is a nice way to make a little fun money while you are there.

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Jobspotter is one of the easiest apps I have ever used to make a quick buck. All you have to do is take a picture of a help wanted sign and the store name..done!

Entries all get submitted for points. Depending on the sign you can earn between 5 and 50 points. Points are redeemed for amazon gift cards. I am very impatient so I cash out around $3 BUT if you read out previous post, $3 can go a long way! During the holidays a trip to the mall can score you a lot of points so keep that in mind towards the end of the year when everyone is hiring!



Although you don’t get actual cash with this app, it’s still one of my favorites. You earn points from completing missions and then you can redeem those points for gift cards. basically it works out to one job =$5 gift card.

 Sometimes a job is left out too long and they raise the points to 1,000 which means $10 in gift cards. I like to pick Ebay, or Dunkin Donuts but there are SO many options.

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So there you have it, my top 5 money making apps. Comment below if you like these post. Would you like to see a Top 5 Mystery Shopping companies? These are great ways to make, save and stretch a buck!

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