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Top 5 Thrift Store/Consignment Shops

There are many great consignment stores in the Valley! Today I want to tell you about my top 5 favorite. These are my favorite from two perspectives, places to get things for my own family and from a thrifty re-seller perspective. I have made over 1,000 in the last two months flipping items from these places I am mentioning below.

  1. Goodwill Clearance-Phoenix (Location)


Of course! You know I was going to mention what we all call “The Bins” by far the best value for your money. I leave every week with a HUGE bag I can barely carry to the car for no more than $20 every time. I recently flipped a book from there that I got for less than a dollar and it sold for $60. I also just got a hair volumizing iron, still in the packaging that averages on ebay for $90! I have even found LULAROE at the bins – y’all know how much I like their clothes now. Yes, it can get pretty chaotic in there but since the inventory changes out every 30 min you have a great chance of finding SOMETHING you can use or sell.  1.49lb but don’t forget to take out books- those are heavier and go by item not the pound..which is great for us!! I could write a whole book on selling old books. My husband yesterday scored with a book from 1908. He has finally come around to my thrifty-reselling ways!

2. Clothes Mentor- Avondale (Location and website)


This has quickly become a new favorite of mine, always worth the drive. Clothes Mentor only re-sells gently used designer women’s items. On one visit I scored myself 2 very nice pairs of size 11 shoes (which I can NEVER find in regular thrift sores) and about 15 or more pieces of Lularoe clothing-most still with tags! I got everything for less than $150. I went home and kept the shoes, kept several clothing pieces and sold the rest for $150. So in a way it’s like I got free clothes and shoes for myself. You can also sell them your designer items for either cash or a store credit. This store is super well-organized and the staff is very helpful and friendly. I recommend you follow them on instagram because they frequently post items they get in and you can ask to put them on hold until the end of the day. You can quickly look up items on ebay and see if you can make a good profit on them if you want to re-sell them.

3. Deseret Thrift Stores- Mesa (Location and Website)


Of all the thrift stores, this one is THE most clean and organized. I promise you will be impressed since it feels like a department store. Everything is organized in circular and regular racks by size. The shoes are perfectly lined up and you will find several designer names. The prices are pretty good and what the price is is final. There are no color tag sale days or 50% days. We have gotten several board games that are in perfect condition with all the pieces or even sealed for $1-5. The back of the store has a large outdoor section with tools and toys and misc. There are some antiques, collectibles behind a glass case that you can look at and scan your ebay app quick to see if they are worth some money. This is a very pleasant thrifting experience from start to finish so I hope you will check it out.

4. Salvation Army Thrift Store- (Location and Websites)


This is a popular organization that receives a lot of donations. If you have bigger items to donate you can also schedule a free pick up with them. Many re-sellers love to go on sale days so check with your local store when those are. There is a lot of inventory to go through but you will always find something of value or name brands to flip.

5. Arizona Humane Society Thrift Store- Locations and Website.

ls (1)

If you are an animal lover- you will love this one! Here you can shop with your pet. Profits here go towards the Humane society so if that is a cause you like- this is where you want to donate your items. Besides a thrift store, they also sell huge bags of dog and cat food at a big discounted price, although they do limit how much each person can buy in one visit. There is not as much as other thrift stores, but I have still found some great items! What I really like is that on Fridays everything in the store is 50% off!

So tell me in the comments below, which is your favorite thrift store? I know I left several out, maybe a part 2 post is needed. Happy Thrifting!

Don’t forget today is FRIDAY- United Food Bank has a great deal for you!


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