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Modest Mondays

21231850_347940972286469_1664041592697368933_nI post every Monday a picture of my outfit calling it Modest Monday #ootd in an effort to help ladies who are starting down to path to get ideas what to wear. You don’t have to dress like an Amish lady. No kidding, when I first started I wore some weird clothing, and yes even a head covering. All I know is I wanted to please God and have his blessing so badly but I didn’t have any real direction or ladies around me at the time that were on the same page. Thank God for the internet and sound biblical preaching. When I let go of “going back to the Greek” everything got much simpler!

All that to say is you can wear modern clothing and be modest still. By the way I saw this picture and that was it. I officially started Weight Watchers yesterday. I did pretty good all day until I got home after a gathering and had some beans and ground beef with tortilla chips. I can’t wait to go grocery shopping and have some good snacks available. I want to lose 30 lbs at least.

Hope everyone is having a gre


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