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How to Save Big $$ on Makeup

If you do like buying makeup, then you will realize it can be very pricey! Luckily if you search on youtube for high end dupes, you will find many of the drugstore brands do have some really awesome products. The L’oreal Luminous foundation for example is a great dupe for the Giorgio Armani Luminous foundation. Huge price difference. However, if you still prefer the more expensive brands, there are still big ways to save. We all know the obvious things like rewards program that give you a measly amount of points or coupons to keep spending more, but there is SO much more than that! Keep reading to learn about other ways to save big!

1.Back to Mac program

Back-To-MAC-Program-All-Details-by-MAC-Makeup-Artist-6-containersBack to MAC is a recycling program in which you return 6  EMPTY MAC containers at any MAC counter and you get a free lipstick of your choice. Isn’t it amazing? It serves the purpose of recycling as well as gets you a new lipstick! Now here’s a personal tip from me if you don’t even own 6 Mac products…you can buy empties on eBay! Shh..I don’t know if people realize this, but you can totally do this. I guarantee you that buying 6 empties on ebay is WAY cheaper than buying 6 actual products at Mac and waiting for them to be used up.

2. Ipsy Glam Bag


Ipsy glam bags, I think are a huge value. You get 5 products and a cute bag each month for only $10! Now these are the smaller travel size BUT many products I have gotten are full size and the brands are great. I have tried many things that I later wanted to purchase and this was a great way to try them out. Products vary from makeup to beauty care. I got that belif cream in the picture above and have been using it every day. I just can’t justify going out and spending so much $ for the full size but this way in just $10 increments with a few other products, delivered to my house, makes a big difference.  Here’s my tip- check out my subscription addiction or download the app to see the spoilers for the following month, you can pick one item and then email customer service and ask for that item to be in your next glam bag. They are more than happy to make it happen for you. I look through ALL the products and research how much they cost, read the reviews and then make my selection.  By the way you can cancel at ANY time, no financial obligation.

3. Scentbird

scentbird collection

I just started with this and I LOVE the concept, just like Ipsy but with designer perfumes. I NEVER buy perfume for myself but every once in a while I will find a decent scent at American Discount and I can see that my husband appreciates me smelling nice vs. my natural deodorant big stink patchouli/essential oil type smell HA!! So this is a great resource for me! Scentbird is another subscription of $15 that you can cancel at ANY time, no financial obligation. You take a quiz about your preferences and then you can let them decide or you pick your designer fragrances in your queue. I had no idea what to choose but I chose DOLCE & GABBANA “Light Blue” because I just like clean smelling perfumes and it looked like it might fit the bill. The cheapest I could find this on overstock and groupon was still over $30 but then what if I don’t like it? Then I’m stuck with this big purchase and how long will it take me to go through it? Scentbird caters to my feminine wiles of changing my mind and wanting something else!  My tip- You can cancel at any time, but you can also skip a month OR you can also give your month as a gift to someone else! Forgot someones birthday? Have this shipped to them instead and you don’t have to run to the store or post office.

4. Julep-


One other monthly subscription I use is Julep. This Korean Skincare brand has expanded into makeup and I really love it! For example the concealer has tumeric as a main ingredient and therefore controls the redness on your skin. I also use their finishing powder that controls my super oily face and minimizes my giant pores. Every month you can create your own box with the products you want! I like to chose the 2 full size product option. Then you can add additional products for a SUPER reduced rate. I can’t believe how much I spent at Ulta for them vs. how much I could get them for this way. They also send you a code when you first sign up to get anything online almost half off. You can also cancel at any time, and get to keep the free welcome gift. For me it was this big box of a ton of nail polishes that retails for over $100. The nail polishes by the way? They ain’t budging, great for a busy mom with no time for touch ups. They also have mystery boxes from time to time you can order that are at a huge discount vs. store prices. I will never buy any Julep product at the store again!

5. Ebates-


I’ve mentioned it before, but Ebates is a must if you are buying makeup online. All of these makeup sites, Ulta, Sephora, etc. have the option of getting cash back for your purchases through Ebates. Check out the stores on the website and then shop like you would, but now you are getting something back at least! Another great reason to shop onine from home for busy ladies, save gas, time and earn cash back.



RIGHT NOW Ulta is having 21 days of Beauty. If you ever wanted to try a certain product that is pricey, see if it’s on the 50% off list right now. Today I will be ordering today-



Double Duty Beauty Lip Sculptor™ Double Ended Lipstick & Gloss

OVER 50% OFF  \  NOW $10

Reg $24

You can see all the products HERE. Only certain things are available on ceirtain days for one day only. Here is a video that shows you what the best products are to keep an eye for in this sale.

I hope this helps. Comment and share below if you wear makeup and have money saving tips.
*This post contains affiliate links on products that I use and love.


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