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New Video- Typical Homeschool Day

Since we have switched to this way of doing school, I have zero burn out. Every other thing I have tried in the past I would feel overwhelmed and frustrated easily. I am a firm in believer in you have to go with a curriculum that fits the mom, not the kids. However usually what fits better for the kids is what makes mom more happy and relaxed and it works out great for the whole family. For me, it is a lot of independent work for my girls but yet you will see me checking up on them often and still reading Math to them. I failed to capture in the video me checking and correcting their essay and them rewriting it. Also them working on their vocabulary which is just writing their lists over and over or making crossword puzzles with them, which they think is much more fun.

During nap time they practiced drawing using the ‘Draw So Cute’ channel on youtube and then played chess and did some reading. We didn’t make it to the library after nap time but instead cleaned the house. Tomorrow we will be at the library for what feels like all day (coding class in the a.m for littles and then back in the afternoon for the big kids class.) We will trade in our books then for new ones then and focus on weather this week and use what is happening in the news to go over geography and pray for the areas that seem like they will be affected. This just feels like organic learning to me.

I just want to encourage you that it took me several years to find what works best for us and a lot of tears and bad days. What works for someone else might OR might not work for you. It’s ok if you have hard weeks, months, or years, eventually it will click. In the meantime always bring it back to “home base” when times are rough. For us “home base” is reading. Putting the plans aside and just reading books together is the best cure for any bad day. Teaching them how to read and fostering in them a love of learning are the two biggest things you can do for a child. The rest will fall into place. It also helps for them to see YOU excited about learning new things. Let them see you reading your Bible or other books during the day, children love to copy their parents and before you know it they will be great readers too.

Remeber YOU are the best person to teach YOUR Child! 🙂 I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our morning.


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