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Modest Mondays- Video and Store Recommendation

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I am trying to bring on some fall vibes even though it is still very hot in Phoenix, but I am sensing a cool down somewhat! I am wearing a LulaRoe Perfect T that has a lot of swing and fabric at the bottom that I appreciate lol! I am pairing it with a LulaRoe Azure Skirt. I guess you can say I am a bit of a Lularoe addict. I like it for these reasons-

The pieces are super comfortable.

They are bright and get me out of my black routine.

They tops are all long and even longer in the back.

If you wish to minimize your top half, the way the shirts fall from the bust line, helps with that. There have come out with a “Gigi” top that is fitted but the Perfect T is not.

LuLaRoe’s Perfect T boasts a fun swing shape complimented by flirty side slits and a flattering half-sleeve that makes this simple, comfortable top the star of any outfit. Pair it with any of LuLaRoe’s skirts and leggings for a look that can’t be ignored!

Obviously I only wear them with skirts or layered on top of dresses.

However, the clothes can be pricey BUT there are plenty of ways to get them much cheaper.


-Offer Up

and my NEW FAVORITE- Clothes Mentor!

What is Clothes Mentor? It’s only the BEST consignment store ever. They only sell quality name brand items (LulaRoe included) for WAY cheaper than anywhere else. It is only a women’s store with clothes, shoes, accessories. They will also buy your gently used items and give you cash or store credit. I was at Walmart the other day and admired these shoes that were really comfortable and stylish but were $25. I just can’t justify spending that much on shoes. Well I found a similar pair at Clothes Mentor in my hard to find size 11, for only $8!! I picked up two pairs with the same price tag for still much less than that one pair of Walmart shoes. Lularoe tops and dresses are between 10-15$ where as full price they are $35-45 so I’d say that is a great deal! Many of the items I buy still have the original price tag!

CLOTHES MENTOR- Find your nearest location HERE.

Here is our clip of the week. I have posted many sermon clips but I came across this video and REALLY enjoyed it! I think you will too! Please Watch!


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