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What ya Reading?

Children really imitate the parents, good and bad! I have noticed when I am reading more, they are reading more. Sometimes I wish I could just instantly download a book into my mind. There just is never enough time. I always want to make sure I am reading my Bible, but also learning new skills and information. The time has to be painfully carved out sometimes, but it CAN be done.

Lately I have been reading a lot of photography books and learning a lot! If I try learning something by watching a Youtube video I have to watch it 5 times and it still just doesn’t click for some reason. However, reading it in a book- I get it right away. I guess that means I am more of a visual learner? These are the 3 books I am currently trying to get through.

Comment below and let me know what are you currently reading!

videos kim 011videos kim 012

Wednesdays I feel like we are at the library all day from 10:30-11:30 and 3:30-4:30pm for coding classes. During those couple of hours though I get to sit down and devour a stack of books reading as fast as I can with no interruptions. I LOVE how our library got a play kitchen and other cool play areas. It keeps the little ones entertained very well.

I’m working on a video now on how to get the most use out of your library. They just have SO much to offer FOR FREE. Make sure you check out all the forms at your local one. They just put our forms for each kids to have 3 free carnival rides at the AZ state fair if they list 3 books they read. That’s a lot of free rides for us!

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 Funschooling with Minecraft Curriculum


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