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5 Health Hack Fridays!

I am starting a new series where I share on Fridays 5 Health Hacks that are totally do-able! It can be so easy to stick with your same old ways and get caught up in a health rut. I hope these 5 health hacks will inspire you to try them or come up with others to get you through the upcoming fall/winter season.

  1. Carrot Bones! If you want to build up the health of your bones without putting on extra weight or maybe if you are sensitive to dairy- have a glass of carrot juice everyday! There are SO many benefits of Carrot Juice but did you know it contains eight times as much calcium as milk!? It is also packed with gut-regulating fibre.

2. Grapefruit for Weight Loss–  Eating a grapefruit really does help people lose                    weight and can also reduce the risk for diabetes. Researchers think this effect is                  caused by the high levels of digestive enzymes in the fruit.

3. Honey-Honey-  Honey actually has fewer calories than sugar and can help boost                immunity. If you are feeling sick, try manuka honey, made with pollen from the tea            tree, famed for its healing powers.

4. Ditch the Coffee– I know, I know, I hear you..but just try this instead. Make an                     energy giving, detox drink out of hot water, lemon juice, freshly grated ginger,                     maple syrup, and a pinch of cayenne

5. Fertili-tea- Did you know taking an infusion from 123g (4oz) or more of tea each               day can double, or even in some cases triple, your chances of getting pregnant. Black         teas contain a little more caffeine than green tea, but both are fine choices.

Health Hacks: 500 Simple Solutions That Provide Big Benefits
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