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Homeschool Freebies and Finds

computer 001

Who got their free pizza hut coupons in the mail already? If you didn’t you can still sign up here.  You get the whole year’s worth for each kid all up front in one large envelope. Traditionally you are supposed to give them to the child each month after they have read all you have assigned. I however, prefer to use them as a “Get Out of Dinner in a Pinch” card. We all have those days, running around between appointments, where a personal little pizza for each kid would just do the trick.

This week we are taking off of school, because we can 🙂 The weather is cooling down and that is the beauty of doing school year round. Instead of one long break where my kids forget majority of what they learned that past year, I choose to instead take a week off when I need it here and there throughout the year. I try never to take more than 2 weeks off unless I have a baby. It’s just much harder to get my mojo going after that long.

With our week off we went one morning to Goodwill- just to browse because I am still listing like crazy on ebay and still nowhere near to being finished. I was hoping to find some weight watchers recipe books but I was pleasantly surprised to find these coding books! We already have one workbook they got for free for completing the summer reading program and it has taken them through simple programming with the free Python software. These will be excellent additions and the kids were super excited about them as well as some connect the dot books.

I’m so happy that my kids are 100% on board about growing up to be coders and ebay resellers. These are things they can do to earn money safely from home. Not only that, but there is honestly no limit to how much they can make in each of those fields. They can be their own bosses, well still under the big boss (Joe) and me until they marry and leave the house.

These books really are excellent tools for kids, as are the library classes they attend every Wednesday also FREE! Don’t you love FREE homeschooling resources?!

REMINDER- Don’t forget about our book club meet this Friday. We are going to learn about Central Planning and how the government uses it to manipulate our actions. FUN! 🙂 We make it fun, honestly these books make it fun and a good read for kids.

Location: Dobson Ranch Branch
Room: Dobson Meeting Room (Max. 75)
Date(s): Friday, September 22, 2017

Time: 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

Hope to see you then!


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