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Why Selling on Ebay is so GREAT!

Safer, Easier Way for Teens to Make Money-

Bye Bye Burger King. Teens that are too young to get a job, can sell from HOME and save up money! Have you heard of teens that have enough money saved up to buy their own car, higher education or even a HOUSE?! It’s out there and likely thanks to being a re-seller. Teens like to shop and be on the phone or compter, so the two go great together.

Revolves around the Stay at Home Mom-

I have swam in the shallow end of many, entrepreneurial ways to make a buck or two. You name it from multi-level marketing companies, affiliate programs, making crafts, gigs on phone apps etc. Of all of the way I have made a little fun money, Ebay has been the easiest and funnest. Most women enjoy shopping and if you are like me, you enjoy finding that $1 or $2 item to flip for $80. It’s a fun challenge and it will force you to lean A-LOT! You will learn SEO, what sells, how to list, how to ship, what items are people buying right now, how to be more efficient etc. It also revolves around my schedule. If I have a day where I don’t feel like listing then I don’t. Maybe I have sick kids that week, it’s ok. No one is depending on me but myself. I know I get as much as I put it, but there is also no pressure. When something sells it’s a good feeling to hear that cash register sound and see the money in your pay pal. I have a system down where I package and pay for shipping at home and then just schedule a USPS pick up. Easy peasy. Doing it first thing in the morning, once a day, before the kids wake up is really the way to go.

Make if a Family Affair 

I like how one of my friends called it her children’s home economic course! This is a skill we can pass down to our children of a way to make money as long as these platforms exist, people will always buy stuff online- new and used. Everybody learns how much an items costs, how much you can sell it for and what your time was worth. There is a lot of math, measuring, weighing, calculating, paying percentage fees etc. If you have older children you can give them a cut by cleaning items, taking pictures, and even listing on ebay. There is so much to go around.

Opportunities To Help Others

Selling on eBay is what caused us to get into storage auctions. It is another way to get a HUGE amount of inventory for VERY little money. While you will want to sell all the clothes and shoes you find, the big heavier furniture items are not convenient to sell on Ebay. Yes you will sell some of it locally, and you should. It’s the fastest way to recoup your costs and alleviate the pressure to sell all the other items quikly. However there will be things that you don’t think are worth much and leave on the curb. It’s true that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Our curb was full of stuff we left out for bulk trash pick up, and by the end of the day it was ALL GONE. We also were able to sell fast a lot of good furniture for super cheap to people who really needed the deal. We also were able to give free decent furniture items to a family with a lot of children that just moved here. We recouped our costs, people got free items, and other people got a killer deal. WIN-WIN for all.

So there are 4 ways why I think selling on Ebay is GREAT. It’s a venue where you never know where it will take you. For example for us it was storage auctions, other’s use it as a way to supplement their retirement when they leave the work force, others make connections and get into a specific nitch like phone flipping. These sort of YouTube videos seem to be really popular tool which means another opportunity to help people by sharing information and making a small additional revenue if your views are high enough.

I hope this encourages you if it is something you have ever wondered about. Let us know in the comments below if you have ever sold on eBay or any hesitation you may have.


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