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#ModestMondays 9/25/17

It has been a VERY busy last 4 days. My clean laundry pile on a bed shows it. It has now reached Mt. Everest proportions. We are all digging deep in our closets for something to wear today yikes! I’m keeping it real. All my staples and favs were in that pile needing to be ironed so….I dug through the modest ministry bin and thank goodness found this gem.  Thank you whoever donated it and hopefully you are good with me borrowing it today 🙂 My weight watchers goal for the week was actually to get a skirt that did not have an elastic waistband (ALL my skirts are elastic waistband) so guess what?! This is not an elastic waistband. Wahoo!

For my top I dug through my ebay clothing pile I haven’t listed yet. Pretty sure this belonged to some teenage girl but hey it fits! My girls said they want to join in on the #modestmonday pic , so much more fun!

IMG_1979.JPGIf you entered the giveaway for the skirt please check the comments of that post to see if you are the winner. Another giveaway coming soon!

Here is our clip of the week.


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