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Storage Auction #2 Video-“The Hoarder Unit”

Our motto here is to help you make a buck, stretch a buck, save a buck and lately we find storage auctions is just such an awesome way to do all three.

-We save money by getting things for free after we sell a few things to make up the cost of the unit.

-We definitely stretch money by using very little to accomplish so much (provide for our needs and pass on great deals to our community).

-We make a buck by selling the items that we don’t want or we know we can flip for a great profit.

To tell you the truth there is a sadness factor involved in it for me. However these customers chose not to pay their bill for whatever reason and the company has the right to sell the contents to recoup their costs. If you do this and do come across items that are of sentimental value (like photo albums) you can always return those to the storage facility to be returned to the owner. I think that would be the right thing to do. When talking to my 8yo about it she reminded me how our Pastor preached that one day we will loose everything anyways! So true.

Even just after doing two, I see why people say it is a lot of work but a lot of fun. It’s quite an experience. You just don’t know what you will find. Even though this last one was scary, a week later we want to do it again! We just know better now and I anticipate the more we do it the better we will be at it. It’s a fun project to do as a family on a day off rather than out and about spending money! lol

With this last unit it seems the big money maker was the Nintendo 64 and games ($130 for those video games alone!), who knew that was back in style? The minute I listed it my phone blew up that day and I kept trying to make the best deal. Suffice to say that one item alone made up for the cost. I also had some great Harley Davidson clothes, lots of other name brand clothes, other very vintage tools and manual, old records, books, toys, and even this super cool 2 seater scooter school bus that the kids play with every day and another vintage red flyer tricycle. Joe also mentioned a few of the tools he got, there were so many and he kept a few things himself. I also kept a lot of kitchen stuff. Overall I think we did very good for a morning of work.

In this video we pass on all the tips and advice we have from our couple times doing it. Hopefully we will have more to pass on as the time passes and we have a few more under our belt, but I tell ya- you learn quick!


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