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Money Making Mondays #6 & Holiday Tips

Since I made this video I made two more sales tonight so list those items. This is my first 4th quarter of the year/holiday season selling on Ebay and it’s already off to a great start.

Here is my video on what items I sold this month, how I shipped them and how much profit I made.  Keep scrolling for some holiday selling tips.

Most of us are out shopping for our families all the time anyways, so here are some tips of little things you can do to make some extra holiday money.

1. If you see a toy marked down on clearance, check to see the comps on Ebay. It may be a popular toy where you can re-sell for a good profit. I remember last year this one pie in the fame game was all the rage. They were going for up to twice as much on offer up alone, who knows how much on ebay. I heard that one of the Super Nintendo game systems (worth $80) sold tonight for $1,000. If this kind of thing makes your skin crawl then obviously pass but if you want to take advantage of capitalism and supply on demand on TOYS, a bunch of plastic in most cases, well….’Merica. You also don’t have to go crazy, you can sell at a reasonable price where everybody is happy.

2. There is a group on facebook called CLEARANCE QUEENS, it is a closed group. They normally stop adding people to the group right before the holiday season so if you want in the time is now. What is so special about this group? Well they are the first to tell you about glitches. Sometimes items are marked super low either on purpose or accident and it’s up to the store to honor the price it scans at or not, but in most cases they do. I have seen giant kitchen sets go for as low as .2 cents on there and so many other great glitchy deals. They usually fix the glitches pretty quick so you have to jump on it when you see it and remember you win some and you lose some. Don’t be upset if your money is refunded and sale is canceled but you would be surprised how often the company will just honor the glitch. Obviously this is a great way to get gifts for your kids or to re-sell.

3. We live in such a land of abundance, that parents actually get rid of and donate toys to thrift stores to make room for the new toys they will get this holiday season. Certain toys are classics that will always sell great on ebay so keep an eye out for them such as American Girl Dolls and accessories, Legos, Wooden toys like Lincoln Logs, Ninja Turtles and 90s toys etc.

Doing this type of business allows for many opportunities to bless others too. You can give toys to others that won’t be receiving much. You can donate your profits to any organization you’d like and you can even click an option that will display that is your intention on ebay. A buyer might be more inclined to buy from you over others knowing you will be donating your profits.

On a personal level, as a mother in a family of 8 that relies on one income, the holiday season can be a bit of a strain. Obviously you want to shift the focus to the non material side of the celebrations this season. No doubt, Jesus is the reason but what parent doesn’t want to give their children gifts or other extended family little treats.

Some ideas to consider

-Amazon review sites like and elitedeals where you can get amazing discounts.

-The Wish app has so many items, including toys very cheap but order now so they get here in time from China lol!

-Get those coupon inserts! I like to grab them at the trash can and recycling bin of the post office. During the holiday season you will see those seasonal items coupons and combine them with a sale for rock bottom prices. This is the time to get a case of condensed milk for the year 🙂 You can think of recipes that incorporate some of those sale seasonal items to give as gifts to your friends and family without it costing much.

-If you are a crafter and would like to make gifts this year, try posting a ‘want ad’ on Craigslist for supplies. You would be amazed at the results of  just putting out a ‘want’ post on the for sale section of Craigslist saying you would appreciate any extra yarn for presents. Someone might be decluttering and see your post and ring you up. You can use this same principle for a variety of things. I have done it saying I would buy broken iphones and then I would sell them for a little more on ebay. Win-win for everybody.

I hope I gave you some good ideas as we kick off the 4th quarter of the  year how to make a buck, save a buck and streeeeetttchhhh a buck! Comment below if you have any other tips.




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