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How to REALLY Make Money from Home!

So what qualifies me to make this video? A lot of failures! I have been in all kinds of pyramids schemes and also worked from home for some sketchy companies where I tried to salvage cancellations not fun!

I have learned in the last decade as a stay at home mother, truly real ways to make money from home with no boss over you.

There is a lot I didn’t get to include because my kids were acting up and I had to make dinner so I am going to include them here.

In my video you will see that I focus on 3 main areas : Content, Service, and a Product.

Under Services I forgot to add an obvious one- Photography! You can do freelancing or start your own business. The WISH app has so many affordable props and backgrounds when you are ready to add more to your business.

Also under content you can do freelance writing and/or editing. You can also offer your services or products (let’s say you are great at graphic design) on Fiverr. This is a website I have used to find people to make specific design I wanted for t-shirts etc.

Which leads me to crowd funding merchandise. Today you can use a website like Teespring, create a t-shirt you think people would like then share away. You don’t have to produce them or ship them. Granted your profit margin is smaller but it is a nice trade-off for not doing any other work but getting the word out.

When I talked about selling a product, another great place to sell besides online is craft shows, farmers markets and I have even seen people do great in swapmeets and drive in movie theaters. The possibilities are endless.

Under services I also had a brief stint where I picked up scrap metal to recycle and make some extra fun cash. I had a truck at the time so it was easy/not was a workout for sure so that didn’t last too long.

Another service is make up or hair. Maybe it’s not something you want to be doing regularly but what about weddings or special events. One afternoon can pay off really nice especially if you have a team of friends to share the work with.

I really could go on and on! If you like these kinds of posts and videos let me know so I can work on producing more.

I am so sorry for the auto-focus on this video. This Cannon low aperture lens only gives me a lot of trouble when filmig videos. It’s super annoying for a few minutes there so maybe just play it in the background while you are cooking 🙂

Hope you are having a great week!



Christian, Homeschooling, Mother of 6 with way too many ideas.

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