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Shop with Me- Save, Stretch, Make a Buck #4

In this video I bring you along a grocery shopping day with me that included these stops…

-Big Lots (35th ave and Baseline location Phoenix)

-99 cent store (35th ave and Baseline location-Phoenix)

-American Discount (Mesa on Southern Ave.)

-Alpine Bakery (Mesa on Southern Ave.)

-CVS (19th ave and Baseline)

-2 Food Banks/Co-ops (Matthews Crossing Saturdays 9-12pm you can go once a month, and United Food Bank every Friday 8am-12pm)

See how I used coupons, shopped discount stores to stretch my budget to the max and also how much I saved by using these 2 awesome food banks. Also I give some ideas of things that caught my eye to re-sell on ebay for a good profit.
Don’t miss my tips below this video!

Some tips-

My CVS Deal-

I get my coupons from the trash cans and recycling bins at the post office, there are so many every day! I had an item in mind that I wanted and sure enough there was a coupon in there for it. I stacked it up with 2 CVS coupons for a great deal. Make sure you scan your card or phone number at the red coupon machine each time you go to CVS. You will get coupons that everyone gets that week but also coupons tailored to the things you seem to buy.

Food Banks-

Go early or go late. If you go early you have the advantage of probably getting the best stuff, that’s usually how it works. However if you go 15 min before they close, you have the advantage of taking more usually because it won’t keep for another week so they really want it gone. I still feel like I got a lot of great stuff despite going late.

Alpine Valley-

Great bread deal, organic loaves for $1-3. Fridays from 1-2pm all the bread is half off though but be prepared for a crowd and parking is limited which is why with my big van, I would rather go during more slower times.

American Discount-

Go through all the aisles because inventory is constantly changing. You can go in the back part of the store through the double doors and also shop their bulk section. If you have a restaurant or catering business, this is one awesome place to shop without a membership. We also stopped to pick up lunch at their cafe and we were impressed! One order of carne asada fries for $6 filled all 3 of us up with leftovers to take home. The owner is a great cook!

99c and Big Lots-

They also change their inventory often so check regularly. If you don’t want to see clothes, you can find some pretty neat stuff to re-sell here. Not everyone has access to these stores and deal so take advantage of that! Check your ebay comps to see how much stuff sells for before you buy.

I hope this was helpful to you! Comment below if you  have any questions, more videos to come!




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