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Birthdays and Schooling Amid Chaos


My first boy turned..gulp 7 yesterday! Presently our house is pretty chaotic with re-doing the flooring on the first floor. Stuff is litterally a toilet in my hallway…

oc12 285

This is the current state of my ebay store but packages still need to be shipped.

oc12 286

I was too tired to decorate the night before for my son’s birthday but my girls surprised me by still hanging up a banner and blowing up all the balloons and decorating a birthday chair. It is bitter-sweet seeing your kids grow up, but boy I sure do love and appreciate all the things they can now do on their own and even more happy that they want to do it.

For the birthday boy we had Sunrise Donuts (the best in Laveen!) then he got to open his gifts. He got a ton of transformers..from Ebay of course! lol He also got a new Lego set. I don’t know why as parents we torture ourselves giving them more legos. There are Legos EVERYWHERE as it is, but it’s what they all request every birthday.

The birthday kid gets to pick the dinner spot and he picked Organ Stop Pizza. A fun place where…well instead of trying to describe it and upload our own video of last night, I am going to save time and just link a youtube video below.

It’s really neat and kept the baby entertained the whole time. The first time we came was with out-of-town guest and I have no idea why it was so busy that time. This visit however it seemed empty compared and we got to sit right in the front. We sat through the first set and then  left since the guys were really tired having worked so hard all day.

We ended the night with an ice cream cake from Scooptacular (another Laveen favorite!) and singing happy birthday to the birthday boy. We also always every birthday take turns saying one good thing about the birthday kid, what we love about them. It’s sweet to hear all the answers and how every child has a different  sort of relationship with the birthday kid.

So in conclusion my tips for living among remodeling..just go with it. Do school where you can.

oc12 158


Do your best to just keep the kitchen clean. If the kitchen is clean then you can function, until you are locked out of your kitchen then just look on the bright side you might have a break from cooking 🙂

Ebay where you can but it’s ok to take a break. The great thing about ebay is I can set up a laptop and printer anywhere, even a kitchen counter.

Remember this too shall pass and the end result is so worth it!


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2 thoughts on “Birthdays and Schooling Amid Chaos

  1. Happy Birthdat to your big boy!! What a cool place he picked for dinner…wow! That’s so true about Legos…my kids always ask for them… I don’t know if they’ll ever have “enough” lol


    1. Right? At least they building things. I asked the kids for their essay today to write what they want for Christmas..guess what they all said. LEGOs nooooooooo.


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