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My Pro-Life Story

I really appreciate how far my husband has come in his career.  I remember not that long ago while he was working full-time and going to school part-time or full time for 4 years how we scrapped by paycheck to paycheck. We took advantage of the government Medicaid, although it is free…it’s not always easy to work with.

During pregnancy the insurance only paid for one sonogram at 20 weeks, which is fine and not even totally necessary (One pregnancy I chose not to get one at all) but let’s face it..moms want to see their babies. Moms really appreciate seeing that everything is developing fine early along and also want a good idea of dates. I always really wanted a sonogram at around 8 weeks but I knew my insurance wouldn’t cover it.

For that reason, I always chose to go to a pregnancy center to get my testing done and usually they did a free sonogram as well. Now I was very ignorant at the time. I had no idea there was a difference between Planned Parenthood and Cobb Pregnancy Center. I just found the nearest pregnancy center to me and called to see if they did free tests. Thank God, I went to the Christian one. I know I would never have gotten an abortion but I hate to even think of being in a place like that and who knows what they would have pushed on me (like birth control) since we were barely scraping by.

Over the course of 3 pregnancies this organization helped me tremendously. They gave me assistance in the forms of clothing and diapers and baby gear since I took a class by a sweet Christian lady there. I was such a clueless new mom and it was a huge blessing. I was so happy that as time went on, I could in turn be a blessing to them and drop them off a lot of donations.

One particular visit (I can’t remember which baby) I went in for the normal test. After you took your test they brought you to a room where a nice lady talks to you for a little bit and gets to know you and your situation. I remember talking to 3 ladies there and they all were recovering from having an abortion in the past. I don’t think that is a trauma you ever fully recover from, but they took that pain and used it to counsel ladies to not make the same mistake.

This one particular counselor, mother of her own family. had tears in her eyes when I reassured her I was not even considering an abortion. I told her how I thought children were a blessing from God and wanted to have as many as He would give me. I knew things were hard at the moment and we had a lot of critics that we should not be adding any more financial strain to our lives, but I knew God would provide. She was so happy to hear it she then grabbed my hand and said we would meet my baby today. She flagged down the volunteer technician who runs the donated equipment, whose only mission is to stop ladies from aborting their babies. I was thrilled they would let me see my baby and make sure all was well. They truly do this as a labor of love- nobody gets paid for anything. All three of us were there in the room when the baby popped up on the screen, and while I am sure they have seen millions of these images, they treated the event as if it was their first time. We all gushed over such a perfect creation of God, sent to little ol’ young me.

I left there feeling so encouraged. I was thrilled I would be a mother again. I was so grateful such nice Christian places existed where no one told me that I should consider not having this baby or even to get on birth control after.

A week later I received a note in the mail from that counselor. She wrote to me how my visit had encouraged HER greatly. Imagine that? I didn’t realize they might see many ladies who choose a different outcome and how hard that must be on them..especially knowing the pain of that mistake.

All this to say the following…

-Support your local Christian pregnancy centers in any way you can! If not with money or diapers then just with a card or letter. At the very least let them know you are praying for them. They are trying to literally fight for the right to life from the jaws of death in our culture. Don’t forget about them. God bless Cobb Pregnancy Center for what they did for me and my babies. They impacted me and shaped me as a mother very early on.

– I know one of the counselors I had, had her abortion while she was married. You might not think that happens often but it does. Encourage the mothers around you. Never say, “I don’t think you can handle any more.” None of us can, but just like working out, you build up muscle as you add weights and we become better mothers as we add more children. It may seem crazy but it’s true. All things are possible with God.

-Defend life any way you can. You don’t know how one small detail or volunteering of your time, could impact a person so greatly that they might forget your face, but NEVER your touch, your detail, your words.

Thank you for reading and considering my thoughts. God bless!


Christian, Homeschooling, Mother of 6 with way too many ideas.

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