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Special Post- Where to Find Modest Clothing?

Today I am sharing some great sources to find modest clothing in any budget. Since my house is not completely in order while we finish some remodeling, I am doing a special post instead of the usual outfit of the day.


Let’s start from cheapest to steepest.

Fist of all the obvious, if you have little to no funds- contact me! If you are trying to have a more modest wardrobe and having a hard time sourcing some clothing check with me with what has been donated. I also regularly hit up Goodwill bins nearby and build up the pile for very little. I know a lot of people don’t have these resources nearby.

Thrift Stores-


Salvation Army, Goodwill, Deserett, are some brands of thrift stores you might have near you. However check in your area, there might be others. Call them first and ask when their special discount days are. Goodwill’s in Arizona have 1/2 off Saturdays and I believe Salavation Army has special days too. Goodwill Bins take it to another level where it’s $1.29 a pound however nothing is sorted so it’s not easy…you have to work for those savings.

Consignment Stores-

download (1)

Clothes Mentor, Turn Style, etc- Believe it or not I have found name brand skirts cheaper at these consignment stores than in Goodwill. Consignment stores often run sales too, if you sign up for their text alerts you will also get special discounts. Clothes Mentor is my FAVORITE! They have a couple of locations in Phoenix so go check them out.

Department Stores-


It is getting more challenging to find modest clothing at department stores. However, there are still some stores you can usually find something decent at. Those stores include Kohl’s, Old Navy, Ross, Marshalls, and sometimes Target. These can still be pretty affordable if you do the following:

-Use coupons at Kohl’s, keep an eye out for them and when you get Kohls cash, stack it on top of the clearance rack deals for a great price.

-Shop the at the outlets for Old Navy, Gap, those kind of stores. Skirts and dresses are always in season for us so it doesn’t matter what they sell compared to the full price stores.

-According to this schedule, Target marks down their women’s clothing on Tuesdays. Call your store and double-check when their day is but you have a greater chance of finding something nice at the best price on that day.

Online Boutiques-

If shopping from home is more your thing, then there is plenty for you to choose from. Here are some favorites

The Skirt Outlet– If you live nearby you can even take advantage of selling your skirts there, however we can all shop online. All skirts are knee length or longer. You can even order custom-made skirts! They sell women’s and girl’s. I love this website!


Shabby Apple– If you really want to splurge, this is a place to find unique pretty dresses.


Jupe De Appy– This is one all my friends seem to really like and enjoy ordering from. Make sure you get on their mailing list.


Sweet Salt Modest Clothing– Besides having gorgeous dresses, if you have trouble matching skirts to tops- this store is for you. They have a cute lookbook to give you ideas what goes with what. It may be a combination you would have never tried.  Also if you like slip extenders as a way to be able to wear more skirt and dresses, you would like this affordable one they sell.




Modli-  Here is another website with a wide selection of all kinds of styles and lengths. I like that you can easily filter skirts by lenghts.



Junee– This is for the fashionistas, who want to think outside the denim skirt. While the clothing is pricier, it still is very mute, modest and are pieces that can be staples in your wardrobe for years.


Modestpop-  How cute is this Chloe dress? This website is filled with fresh, fun styles and around the same pricing as many of the online category.



So there you have a list of places you can check out both in person and online to find modest clothing. I hope this was helpful to you. Please let me know in the comments if I missed your favorite place and let us know about it!




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