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Library Books Haul

I did not google to see if this was a thing first, because I’m sure it is. Is there anything original anymore? However, this idea did strike me one day as I was looking through my library books. Why doesn’t anybody do hauls about this? This is stuff you can actually get for free if you want it! We all know watching hauls of things you can’t afford is not so much fun. These hauls though are meant to encourage you to find reading material you like at your own library and give you some of my recommendation of books I love and find useful.

Here is my vide review, yes perhaps acting out my 6 year old dreams of being on Reading Rainbow ha!

Below the video I will add the full titles and authors if you are interested. I have grouped them by category.



Mason Jar Crafts for Kids by Linda Z. Braden

Thanksgiving Crafts by Jean Eick

Crafting with Mason Jars and other Glass Containers by Hester Van Overbeek


Love the Home you Have by Melissa Michaels

How to Hygee by Signe Johansen

Shades of Grey by Kate Watson-Smyth

Mompreneur books-

The Digital Mom Handbook by Audrey McClelland

Amazon Top Seller Secrets by Brad Schepp and Debra Schepp

Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen

The One Minute Apology by Ken Blanchard


Pattern Making for Kids Clothes by Carla Hegeman Crim

If you like these type of videos, let me know in the comments below and I will continue making them.



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