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Homeschooling Moment #2- Robinson Curriculum + Life of Fred

New video in the homeschooling series! I was going to make them all Robinson Curriculum specific but there is SO much more I want to share outside of that. I’ve been around the homeschool block, even trying the public school at home K-12 version and I want to share my thoughts of pros and cons with all of it. In this video I am talking about why I think the Robinson curriculum and Life of Fred go so well together.  If you would rather read than listen to my annoying voice- I got you fam! Just keep scrolling for the very condensed blog version.
Robinson curriculum recommends Saxon Math because obviously the main point of the curriculum is independent work. With Saxon Math they can simply read their lesson and do the work. That’s great but if that part of the routine is not working for you, I can tell you that working with other math curriculums is OK and in fact might work out really great.

We enjoy Life of Fred and in the video I talk about how it covers a variety of other subjects besides the main math. So while the Robinson curriculum might not cover very much outside of the 3R’s in the early years, Life of Fred will give your kids just enough without being overwhelming on the mom or kids. I think it’s just the perfect amount in my opinion. For example in this last honey book they learned all about being an apiarist, good business practices, poetry, music and much more.

If you find yourself in a stage of life where you want to do a little more Language Arts, or you think a particular child needs a little bit more, you don’t have to jump ship to a different boxed curriculum. I’m happy to tell you that The Good and the Beautiful offers a wonderful language arts program free for Levels 1-5! The younger years I bought as well as it is SUPER affordable. $15 for the download, yes please! Then you can print just the things that you need. In the video above I show an example how I put together a file folder with The Good and the Beautiful materials I printed for free!

So how can you homeschool a large family very affordably?

Robinson Curriculum- one time purchase for K-12 for as many kids as you want. You could even find the book list for free online.

Click Here for more Info

Life of Fred- Affordable non consumable books that last child after child, year after year. This is a link just for the elementary series, however they do go up to College Level.

download (1)
Click Here for more info!

The Good and the Beautiful FREE language arts programs for Level 1-5! VERY affordable packages for other grades.

Click Here for More Info

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*This post contains affiliate links on products we use and love. Should you choose to purchase through our affiliate link you help support us with no additional costs to you, having said that- I say buy where you can find the best deal!

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