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Modest Mondays and Clip of the Week

Today I am *finally* cleaning up the garden to start over yet again. However, it’s STILL hot out and I am not feeling very motivated. Gardening is my favorite form of exercise and something about digging in the dirt feels very therapeutic.

Here is my picture for Modest Mondays and yes you can do anything in a skirt, including gardening. I am wearing a light long denim skirt and a “house shirt” which is a very comfty Lularoe Randy shirt that unfortunately has a little hole on one arm but not very noticable.

Modesty Ministry Closet Update- We are growing, thanks to your awesome donations! Together we have been able to bless 4 ladies this week with nice modest clothing. If you would like to get involved by either donating clothes, receiving clothes or donations to pay for shipping costs please let me know. Thank you again to all of you participating in any way to the get the word out and help other ladies.

Todays clip of the week is an older clip but a good one to hear!

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Visiting the Phoenix Zoo with POGO Passes-

With the POGO pass we get 2 included visits to the Zoo along with SO MANY other Phoenix AND Tucson venues. The Zoo visits alone pay for itself when it comes to the POGO passes.
To see a list of all the venues included in the pogo pass and how often you get to visit (some as frequent as weekly!) click here-
There are other participating cities as well so check it out!
Music credit-

*Contains affiliate links on a product we love and use for a couple of years. If you choose to buy through our link, you take advantage of additional savings and help support us as well with NO additional cost to you. Thank you!

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School Room Tour

Everybody has their own unique space and style how they teach at home. This is just a little peek at our space and method. Although I admit I did like using the dinning room while we were working on this room.  I am really enjoying our new space though.

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October Mobile Food Pantry Calendar


St Mary mobile food pantry locations for October. No applications, no qualifications or requirement. If you know someone who needs food, please pass along this info.

Also tomorrow is Friday so remember these locations will be open-

Chandler Christian Community Center-

 480) 963-1423
This place is incredible! Not only do they run a FREE mobile food pantry EVERY Friday but they provide so many other services to the community as well. I have seen events from luncheons, free kids haircuts, free music classes, free diapers, etc. They also offer free childcare while you wait for your grocery cart on Fridays. It’s best to show up early around 7:30am to get your ticket for the free groceries. However they do not start distributing them until 9am.  This is where that child care room comes in handy while you wait. Of course, you the parent are more than welcomed to stay there with them while they play in the nice air-conditioned room. You can also check out while you are there, the calendar with all the services and classes for the family. Everybody at this location is extremely helpful and joyful.
 Matthew’s Crossing-
I had to include this one since it is only 5 min away from Chandler Christian Community Center. They also distribute on Friday, however this one you can only pick up ONCE a month. Unlike the other ones where you can go every week, because of this format it’s never really a long wait. You can walk in and be out with a cart full of great groceries in less than 5 min. They give you here meat, along with other higher end items.
If you have children in diapers, this is where you can ask for a diapers voucher. They will give you a slip with all the information where you can pick up around the corner diapers for free.
The first time you go, you will have to show some ID and fill out a registration form, after that you only sign in. There is a small little waiting room for children with books and some toys and children are allowed to choose one book to take home.
United Food Bank Mesa-

United Food Bank has a great list of extras for tomorrow!

Every Friday from 8AM until Noon
358 E. Javelina Ave., Mesa 85210

Help Yourself Grocery List
September 15, 2017
$20 cash or SNAP only

*You can ask to walk the line of donated items for free, so don’t worry if you don’t have the $20.

Last but not least don’t forget about SATURDAYS at STUFF THRIFT. Remember you can only go once a month for this one.

S.T.U.F.F. Thrift Store

Saturdays at 2:00pm

1135 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85203

(480) 649-1288