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Real Talk- Sexual Harassment

This was a difficult video to make. I felt strongly that it was something I wanted to share about, even though I have never talked about this with anyone really (only briefly mentioned it one time to my husband). Ladies have you experienced something like this in your work enviroment? There is a better way!

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Love the Home you Have #22- 20 Things


Twenty Little Things we love about life in our home, can you make that list? I’m sure it will give you all the nice warm fuzzies and realize what a great home you have.
Sorry guys, I accidently skipped 2 days so I am going back!

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Family Tip When Dad Works Late & Video Recipe! (Naturally Sweetened Apple Cranberry Cobbler)

I have been loving our new routine! We all get SO much accomplished and we work hard, but also have lots of play time scheduled. One thing I really enjoy is having a to do check list for every kid. They love checking things off and I told them at the end of the week, they can turn in their checked off completed list to receive $2 each. They are even more motivated now!

I assigned the three older kids a younger buddy and they are responsible for helping them get ready in the morning, getting ready for bed as well as getting their shoes on to get out the door.

I let Izzy pick out 5 lunches she knows she can make for the upcoming week. I also showed Elly today how to make some simple but nutritious breakfast foods so we are becoming a well oiled machine..oooh I hope I didn’t jinx myself!

To top it off I created a seating chart for the van that will change every week, no more fighting! Why didn’t I think of this all sooner?!

My husband is very impressed with my new routine and even more so with the new change I implemented on the days he works.

My husband works a very physically demanding job and gets up at 4am and returns at 7pm. It is long days but because of that he has 3-4 days off a week depending on the schedule. On those days that he is off we can have dinner at a normal time and enjoy it together. On nights where he comes home late and exhausted I try to have the kids already fed, bathed, and ready for bed.

Instead of waiting to have dinner at 7pm and bombarding dad, they join dad and I for dessert 10 minutes after he gets in. In those 10 minutes someone does help him with his bags to take upstairs but for the most part, everyone is upstairs getting ready for bed while I serve dad dinner and talk to him in peace for just 10 minutes at least.

I know the kids are anxious still to see dad, so then they come down and get to enjoy desert with him. They go around the table telling him one good thing and one bad thing from their day, as does dad about his work day. Usually at this time I have the kitchen pretty tidy and sneak upstairs to bathe the baby or little ones while they finish up.

Then its bed time at a decent hour- 8 or 8:30pm. I really like this!

This means I need to step up my desert game. I have never been one to make them except to break apart frozen cookie pieces on a baking pan.

As part of the Robinson curriculum, they recommend NO sugar. That is really hard and I do my best. I only really use a little in my coffee. However if I am going to bake, I am going to at least use naturally sweetened recipes. So if you like that sort of thing check it out.

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Wonderful Ways To Be A Family Series #1

Yes, I am starting yet another series! Why do I do this you may wonder? Because I read a lot of books and I learn a lot of great things that I want to remember and apply in my life. The best way I have found to retain this information is to teach it to others. What better way, than to make video about it so..

A. I make the information my own.

B. My children can have these videos when they grow up.

C. Hopefully others can benefit from the videos or information as well.

Win-Win right?

So this series will just give some fun tips and reminders on how to be just that- a wonderful family. I feel like this is not the “default” setting. You have to be really thoughtful about this and depending on the personality..planning on it!

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did making it.