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Our Rodriguez Routine

Today I am sharing what our current routine looks like, as well as a couple other things.

In my routine I also include my weekly dinner night themes, that help me plan for the week much easier.

I also include my general cleaning schedule. Typically on Mondays I still do my “Blessings Tour” from my Fly Lady days. We empty out  the garbage in all the rooms, vacuum, mop, clean up the bathrooms, make sure all the clothes are picked up and clean the floors downstairs. Then each day I have a specific area I target for 20-30 minutes of deeper cleaning.

I also briefly touched on some activities I like to make sure we cover, even if it’s only once a week realistically. Much of our social activities outside of church, revolve around the library. We attend coding classes 2 times on Wednesdays and every Thursday night for Family Fun Night. I really enjoy Family Fun Nights at the Library, they alternate between Lego night, Art Night, Craft night, and Science Night.

FULL DISCLAIMER- This is more or less a guideline and once I do the first item on the list, I just go with the order of items not being too strict on the time. I do not ever get 100% of this done every day. Sometimes the cleaning didn’t happen or even school didn’t happen because dad was off and wanted to do something fun- this is the best part about homeschooling! If I can even get half of this accomplished I am OK and 75% is a very good day. All of it completed is a little miracle of a day that I try desperately to recreate my steps like the movie “Groundhogs day” but it never happens 2 days in a row! HA.  If for some reason you would like to print it, the link is at the bottom.


6:00am- Get up, go downstairs and have coffee, read Bible and get ebay stuff ready to ship.

7:00am- Make Breakfast for kids & Kids get ready for the day and make beds.

7:30am  Breakfast and Table Chores (Clean up table, sweep, load dishes)

8:00am  Bible Time

8:30am Me get ready, start laundry and work on **home blessing tour* (make sure rooms are tidy, bathrooms clean, on Mondays add vacuuming and trash taken out from all rooms, while kids do  Pentime Writing books, Essay and memory work.

9:00am Start of School.

-Life of Fred Math with Big Kids while Little Kids Play

-Teach Little Kids Phonics, Math and Reading Lessons while big kids practice flashacards,vocabulary words, and read from their assigned Book.

-Do extra Language Arts with Elly while little kids play or Izzy reads to them.

-Do extra Language Arts with Izzy while Elly makes Lunch.

(Alternate language art turn days so that Izzy and Elly make lunch every other day)

12:00 Lunch Time

12:30pm Clean up and Table Chores.

1:00pm Put baby down for a nap.

1:30pm Reboot laundry and work on Cleaning Spree of the Day-

Mon- Kitchen and Dining

Tues-Living room and stairs

Wed- Bathrooms

Thurs-School room, entryway

Fri- Rooms upstairs

Sat- Backyard, Outside

Sun- Rest-

2:30pm Shoot video, edit, ebay, etc while kids watch an educational show or play outside.

4:00pm – Snack time, Play outside or Special Activity.

-Monday- Art Day (Draw so Cute You Tube Channel or Spiral Art or other)

-Tuesday- Geography Lesson/Activity (God’s Creation/My Father’s World) or Science  

-Wednesday- Coding Lesson at Library

-Thursday- Read and then attend Family Night at Library at 6:30pm (Lego night, Art      night, Science Night)

-Friday- Family Movie Night

-Saturday- Errands

-Sunday Rest between church.

5:00pm Read out loud to the children & Relax Independent reading upstairs.

6:00pm Start dinner

Monday- Meatless Monday Night

Tuesday- Taco Tuesday (different kinds of tacos or burrito bowls)

Wednesday- Instant Pot Meal (usually a stew or chili)

Thursday- Theme Night (Mexican, Italian, Indian recipe etc)

Friday- Fri-yay! Family Fun night. Pizza and Wings and movie snacks.

Saturday- Super Saturday- A really great dinner for husband’s last day off.

Sunday- Instant Pot meal for Church day.

7:00pm Dinner Time, Clean Up, Final Table Chores

7:45pm Bath time

8:30pm Bed time

9:00- Work for ONE hour on projects or read then GO to bed!


Printable link HERE.

What does your schedule look like?



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2 thoughts on “Our Rodriguez Routine

    1. It’s hard to find something decent that the whole family can enjoy. We do some old movies like recently we watched “Paulie” do you remember that one with the bird? There was nothing bad it and made me cry a couple time! Last week we saw “The Goonies” because my husband just couldn’t believe that I NEVER saw that growing up. He forgot there were some questionable scenes we had to skip some part lol. I do like the old Charlie Brown movies, Paddington Bear, stuff like that.


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